Top 5 Spotify Alternatives For Your SmartPhones

If you are a music lover like me, and want to experience a variety of music, this article will definitely help you. If you are using Spotify, then you may know it sucks sometimes.

Now what?  Should we stop listening music or what? We need to find a solution for that. There are so many music apps for music lovers. Let’s find some apps which are easy to use and can replace Spotify.

Now, let’s talk about some alternatives to make a better experience with music –

  1. Pandora –

Pandora is a app which is being used all over the world. It is most widely known radio station on internet.

The radio style of Pandora can be a better experience for us.

We can choose our favorite music and it will show new bands that plays similar music. By doing this, it helps in expanding our music library. Hence we will get aware of new music and bands without searching them. Podcasts are also available on it.

  1. YouTube music –

This is a new music app from YouTube. It can also be used as an alternative. YouTube’s algorithm is good. It can figure out what kind of music we may love on the basis of our search history and previous plays.

We can also watch full music videos if we are tired of only listening.

Live performances, remixes and much more are available on it. Also we can download songs and can play them offline.

  1. Apple Music-

Apple music can be defined as a broad music library of 60 million songs. On this app, we can read lyrics along the song to avoid any misunderstanding in lyrics.

It also has deals with artists. By this, we can listen some music from their service. It also supports downloading and playing them offline later.

  1. Deezer –

Deezer can be defined as a twin of Spotify. It is same as Spotify but not annoying.

Its shuffle play feature can be annoying sometimes but the music library of 53 million songs is amazing. In this app, we can also download songs for offline play.

  1. Music Up –

It is one of the simplest alternatives of Spotify as it is extremely easy to use. It has genre-style radio ‘stations’.

In this, playlists are divided into different activities based on our moods. For example, “chill out and relax”, “open road”, etc. We can also vote for the next song in the list which we can create easily.


Above 5 alternatives are best to replace Spotify. So what is the need to stop our habit of listening music to refresh our minds, when we have so many alternatives. Let’s try something new and enjoy the music.


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