Fall Guys Season 2 release date, All Requirements Rewards in Battle Pass 2

Get ready for another season of manic action and strange games.

With 4 new stages Arriving: Hoopsie Legends, Egg Siege, Knight Fever and Wall Guys.

Fall Guys have also unveiled Big Yeetus’ smaller brother ‘Thicc Bonkus’ as well as the names of the new maps coming to the game.

Get ready to take control of colourful beans as they Dive, JUMP, Run and Survive against Wizards, Dragons, Vikings and many more!

Mediatonic’s inventive take on the battle royale genre has been soaring and is only going to get better as time goes on.

While cheaters have run rampant in the past and Fall Guys has managed to crack down on those playing unlawfully and are now rewarding players for their patience.

The Fall Guys Season 2 release date ON Thursday, October 8th – which is also the same date Season 1 ends.

: Season 2 – Unlock Tiers & Rewards.

Level Reward
1 (0 XP) N/A
2 (160 XP) Romantic (Color)
3 (360 XP) 1 Crown
4 (570 XP) Pantaloons (Pattern)
5 (800 XP) Slime (Nameplate)
6 (1,070 XP) Orc (Costume)
7 (1,360 XP) Amethyst (Color)
8 (1,680 XP) 1 Crown
9 (2,000 XP) Floral (Pattern)
10 (2,380 XP) Orc (Costume)
Level Reward
11 (2,750 XP) 1 Crown
12 (3,200 XP) Molten (Color)
13 (3,650 XP) Dragonfire (Nameplate)
14 (4,500 XP) Knight To Remember (Nick)
15 (4,600 XP) 2 Crowns
16 (5,100 XP) Jester (Costume)
17 (5,650 XP) Salute (Emote)
18 (6,200 XP) Strained (Faceplate)
19 (6,800 XP) Medieval Madness (Pattern)
20 (7,400 XP) Heraldic (Color)

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