Among Us Hack: Now Crewmates can vent like imposters!!!!!

Among Us Hack: Now Crewmates can vent like imposters!!!!!

Among us has gained sudden popularity in earlier this year even though the game was launched two years ago, its stats are only improving day by day. Its an entertainment game in which there is an imposter who is supposed to kill crewmates in such a way that nobody can identify who it is.on the other hand crewmates have to identify the imposter using their reasoning skills and vote it out.

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So obviously everybody wants to the imposter, a few weeks ago there was a hack that helped any player to become the imposter. The imposter is chosen at random out of the 10 players that are in the game one or two people can be imposters.

There are other ways to cheat as well; players are constantly speaking to each other on discord, where victim tell out loud who killed them, hence ruined the whole game.

Apart from that, numerous other hacks are being used by gamers. We have yet another hack that was recorded on a video a week ago. In this hack, the crewmate can use vents just like an imposter.

ABOUT Among Us Hack

Among Us Hack: Now Crewmates can vent like imposters!!!!!

This hack will help a crewmate, mislead another player in believing that they are the imposter. The video shows the poster going around as the Impostor, claiming to be simply one more group part when a crewmate drops into a vent in the Security room – something just Impostors should have the option to do.

The Impostor at that point halts abruptly, befuddled, and a crisis meeting is called by the group after a dead body is found.

One should not cheat in a game which is meant to be all mysterious and full of thrill. Using these hacks will only make the game more obvious, and one might not only spoil the game for the genuinely interested player but soon you, yourself won’t be interested in it. Rather you should thrive on being better.

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