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Home Celebrities Are Jamie Foxx And Kate Beckinsale still Dating? and What Happened??

Are Jamie Foxx And Kate Beckinsale still Dating? and What Happened??


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A year ago, a newspaper guaranteed that Jamie Foxx “supplanted” Katie Holmes with Kate Beckinsale. Tattle Cop investigated the dubious report at that point. Today, we’re investigating the story and what occurred with this alleged sentiment.

Jamie Foxx Found Love With Kate Beckinsale?

In 2019, Jamie Foxx and Kate Beckinsale snapped a picture together at the Golden Globes Ambassador party in Los Angeles. Regardless of Beckinsale intensely excusing bits of gossip she was dating Foxx, In Touch took the apparently blameless experience and announced that the entertainer and entertainer were the most sizzling new couple. The newspaper further affirmed that the Baby Driver entertainer and the Van Helsing star were “into one another,” and “they weren’t concealing it.” An insider proceeded, “The science was off the diagrams, and they were seeing where it goes.”

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Where did Holmes fit into the entirety of this? As indicated by the newspaper, the Dawson’s Creek entertainer was “supplanted” by Beckinsale who was “absolutely Jamie’s sort: brunette and exquisite.” “His companions said he traded Katie with a more sleek British variant of her. This is a sprouting sentiment, yet they make an incredible couple,” the source added.

Where Katie, Kate, And Jamie Foxx Stand Today

Tattle Cop excused the story when it came out. As we expressed, Kate Beckinsale killed any gossip with respect to a sentiment among her and Foxx. What’s more, since a year has passed by, there haven’t been any more dependable reports that affirm the two ever dated. In spite of the fact that Foxx has been hush-hush about what occurred among him and Katie Holmes and what prompted their separation, the entertainer appears to have stayed single since the split. As she is presently involved with Emilio Vitolo Jr., Gossip Cop questions there’s any ill will between the previous couple.

With respect to In Touch, we’ve busted the newspaper a few times for being erroneous with regards to Foxx and Holmes. A long time back, the magazine claimed that Jamie Foxx played with Charlize Theron while he was all the while dating Katie Holmes. Tattle Cop explained the story was bogus after we showed the report to a source near Holmes. We were told the article was fake.

As of late, a similar distribution contended that Leah Remini got some information about Scientology on Remini’s web recording. Tattle Cop contacted a rep for the Mad Money entertainer. We were educated by this confided in source the article was manufactured. Maybe the newspaper should change its name to “Distant,” since it unmistakably has no genuine knowledge into big names’ lives.

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