Nicole Kidman Gets Candid After Spending More Than Three Decades In Hollywood.

The 53 –year- old beauty queen of Hollywood has always shown her fans that she is the best when it comes to acting. The actress had several ups and downs in her career despite being one of the most successful actresses in the Hollywood industry.

Well, apart from all that it was during an interview the Oscar-winning actress revealed some unknown facts about her past life. She shared experiences about her loneliness and her emotions and how she had to keep up with every other thing.

Nicole said, ‘They say loneliness is the great killer. It causes too much pain and I’ve been lonely…’

The Australian actress had a very complicated marriage life. She was married to Tom Cruise back in 1990. But the relationship did not last long and ultimately ended in 2001. She then married the famous country musician Keith Urban with whom she is spending her days happily.

Nicole Kidman

Kidman says, ‘I am very fortunate to come home to him. My heart goes out to the people who don’t have a person to go to now.’

Nicole Kidman gives credit to her family for being well mentally. She mentions her husband to be a strong person during the interview and she is fortunate that she has him in her life. Nicole Kidman also thinks that motherhood plays a crucial role in her life. Nicole Kidman is a caring person and she feels joy in caring about people.

Nicole and Keith Urban share two kids: Sunday and Faith aged 12 and 9 respectively. The actress has also two adopted children: Isabella and Connor aged 27 and 25 respectively from her marriage to Tom Cruise.

The actress is currently finished working on her new series named ‘The Undoing’. Wishing her all the luck and we wish to see more of her films in the upcoming days.

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