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Kurt Russell And Goldie Hawn are back on Netflix for The Christmas Chronicles 2 sequel!

Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn have been together since 1986 for 37 years, they greeted each other while filming for The only in 1966 but their chemistry spoke very appreciably while working for the Movie- Swing Shift in 1986 and becoming the most lovable reel life couple in Hollywood.

The Christmas Chronicles 2 sequel is coming one day before Thanksgiving on Netflix:

Russell and Hawn coming back on Netflix while releasing their film- The Christmas Chronicle 2 the sequel of The Christmas Chronicle, which theoretically set out on 18th November 2020. Previously in September 2020, the production crew announced their second instalment which will be possibly out on 25th November 2020 one day before Thanksgiving on Netflix to avoid the factor of affecting from the pandemic as – treat to the eyes during these Christmas holidays to the audience; For the very first time Netflix authorized to play this movie in a chain Theater.

kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn

Since 1987’s Overboard their comedy combo has been driving people crazy and wanting to see them together which aroused numerous opportunities but their busy schedules kept everything held on their way for the reunite. 

The audience wishes to see them together on big-screen which ultimately happened in 2018 The Christmas Chronicle making a classic hit where Kurtas Santa Claus and Hawn- Mrs Claus made a cameo appearance at the end and again promised for a second sequel that made its comeback in 2020 and also making the set into a fun place with their humour sense. 

The Christmas Chronicle 2- Will it be different from the first part?

The same cast who appeared in the first part and reprising again for the second sequel with a unique plot where a villain has a goal to ruin Christmas forever and Kate Pierce the lead character joins hands with Santa Claus and Mrs Clause to prevent any troubles from stealing the all-important Christmas Star. 

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