Natalia Dyer and Charlie Heaton timeline: Early September arose love:

Early September arose love: Natalia Dyer and Charlie Heaton Timeline!

The love arose in early September with the delightful spark of winter, Natalia Dyer and Charlie Heaton got together.

The actors from the very prominent Netflix series- Stranger Things, who played the role of boyfriend and girlfriend duo as the character of Nancy Wheeler and Jonathan Byers.

The story began in early September after a year later the two actors officially announced their relationship to their beloved fans through PDA.

According to the actual timeline, In early September, 2016 Heaton and Dyer were seen together with Heaton’s two other friends during a trip to Menorca Island, sits off the coast of Spain.

Later in that September, rumours began from their fans after their social media posts for each other.
In October, Heaton and Dyer were seen celebrating Halloween together.

In January, 2017- The rumours grow more as the pair were spotted leaving LA airport together after attending 74th Golden Globe Awards, where Stranger Things was nominated for best television series drama.

After being spotted together at the airport, Life & Style magazine confirmed about their dating status as an official couple.

Later in march, Heaton and Dyer did not speak much about their the rumours, they neither confirmed nor denied about their relationship, after being spotted second time at LAX.

In October, Heaton and Dyer finally Confirmed about their dating relationship through an act of PDA.

Later in November, the pair were seen cherishing their quality time together in Paris.

Heaton and Dyer were spotted kissing in the middle of street, a week later in London.


Finally, Heaton and Dyer made their relationship carpet official by hitting the red carpet of 2017 Fashion Awards in London.

In January, 2018- Heaton posted a sweet birthday wish for Dyer’s 21st birthday.

Later in april, the pair was spotted attending Coachella together.

In September, they attended The Emmy Awards together arm in arm.

In 2019 January, Dyer briefly described her relationship with Heaton in the 25th annual Screen Actors Guild Awards.

In February, Heaton also briefed about their relationship and how it is to work with your love partner.

After this, the couple hit up many big events together.

In July, Dyer talked about her relationship with Refinery29.

Later in September, Heaton and Dyer performed at Fashion week and also spotted at Thom Browne in NYC ane Dior, Paris.

In January 2020, Heaton posted a adorable picture of them on his Instagram on Dyer’s 25th birthday.


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