Shawn Mendes and Justin Bieber Canadian’s Ultimate Collaboration, first-ever shot, “Monster”

The ultimate collaboration, the one everyone was waiting for. It was quite predictable about the collaboration between two famous Canadian stars. “Monster” the first-ever collaboration between Shawn Mendes and Justin Bieber.

“Monster” was released on 20th November, Friday at midnight. This new collaboration is said to be a part of the soon-to-be-released album by Shawn Mendes, titled “Wonder”.

Bieber’s journey is quite similar to that of Mendes. As both being Canadian pop stars, the two were often compared to each other.

“Monster” resembles their journey of becoming global pop sensations.

Even though they both were pitted against each other by the tabloids though, they never really had any real beef among them.

Their friendship started with the question “Who is Shawn Mendes?” The journey both Canadian stars had, is very interesting as per their friendship with each other.

“Who is Shawn Mendes?” Bieber firmly responded when asked about the rising star, during the promotion for Bieber’s song “What Do You Mean?” from his fourth album “Purpose” at WPLJ-FM Radio in September 2015. Meanwhile, Mendes’s pop career was thriving with his debut song “Stitches.”

Well, Mendes response to Bieber’s question was quite smooth, “I guess he doesn’t know me as we haven’t met” on BBC Radio 1, after a few weeks.

Before the release of their music track, Bieber joked on Twitter mentioning “who’s @ShawnMendes?”

To which Mendes replied with a picture of himself and Jacob Tremblay, who played younger Justin Bieber in Justin’s music video “Lonely”. Mendes responded, “Don’t you remember us taking this picture together?”

Their friendship grew a lot, from the journey of “Who is Shawn Mendes?” to their first-ever collaboration “Monster”.

Mendes spoke about his relationship with Bieber and their music track to Zane Lowe in an interview on Apple music.

He said “This song was resonating in my mind since a long time. Once I was listening to it, then I started my friendship with Justin which even grew up more in the last three months. And I called him for this collab and said, “Look, I have this song, it’s kind of going there.”

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