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This 2020 Christmas Season, Plan your Christmas house parties like never before: Tips and More


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Christmas is back for yet another year and it is this time of the year people have been eagerly waiting for. Christmas brings with itself, the biggest party season, which brings excitement and joy among the people. However, hosting a party this year would be no small feat but a little awareness in planning can make it even more memorable for our loved ones.

How to organize:

Here are some tips for planning a house party this year:

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Other than decorations, cleaners and sanitizers should be given priority while hosting an indoor house party.

  • Hand sanitizers should be set at every entrance and exit of the house.
  • Disposable paper towels should be used instead of regular cloth towels.
  • Provide your guests with face masks if anyone forgets.
  • Disposable tableware should be used to avoid as much contact as possible.
  • Avoid hugging your guests and relatives, greet them with elbow bumps instead.
  • Ask your guests to keep their belongings such as handbags and clothing with themselves for minimal contact.

Party Outfits:

Christmas has always been about sharing gifts with each other, singing Christmas carols, and decorating X-mas trees. The party season means time to dress up and socialize. People don’t have much time to think about what they should wear to Christmas parties. Here are some tips on what to wear:

  • Classic Santa Claus Costume – A Santa Claus costume is a perfect way to dress up for a Christmas party and is even better if kids are around.
  • Christmas Themed Clothes – There are plenty of options for Christmas themed clothes such as pajamas and coats which have Christmas related designs on them.
  • A combination of Black and Red dresses – Christmas is all about red outfits. A red top along with black trousers is perfect for house-parties.
  • LBD dress in knee-high boots – LBDs has been a classic choice for Christmas parties. It is the perfect combination of glamour and elegance.
  • Red Velvets: Red velvet dresses are all about sparkles which make them ideal for flashy disco lights at parties.
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