Steven Universe Season 6 Release Date, Story and Renewal Status

Steven Universe Season 6 Release Date, Story and Renewal Status

Steven Universe Season 6 is happening soon! We’re very excited and we hope you are too. Rebecca Sugar is the creator of the American TV series for Cartoon Network. Her show marks a milestone for the first-ever woman to create an animation for Cartoon Network.

Steven Universe: The Movie looked like it could leave the series to an end but to our surprise, we’ve got more! So far, we know that the new season will be titled Steven Universe Future. We’ll help you catch on with the rest of the details so stick around!

Cartoon Network’s Official Statement On The Upcoming Season

Steven Universe Season 6 Release Date

The future is clear and bright. The release of the show was on December 7, 2019. Rebecca Sugar says, “Future is extremely meaningful to me because it’s a story we can only tell now, after the events of the original show and the events of the movie.”

The show proves to be an exciting venture for Sugar to be working with new artists and writers. We sure can’t wait to see what Steven Universe: Future has got in stock for us!

About the series

Steven Universe Season 6 Release Date, Story and Renewal Status

The story is set in Delmarva, a fictional beach town where crystal gems reside to protect citizens from harm and monsters. The half-gem, half-human of a goofball Steven, attempts to save the world with his magical belly button powers.

Flash forward to Season 6, Steven saves the universe and continues to go at it. However, the problem arises when everyone’s issues are done and dealt with, and Steven is left to deal with his own set of problems.

The cast

Steven Universe Season 6 Is Happening & Here's The Expected Release Date For You

Amazing news, thanks to Cartoon Network releasing an official statement, the entire cast from preceding seasons are here! We can expect all of the cast members to appear in Steven Universe: Future.

It is not certain whether this will be the final season of Steven Universe but for now, tune into the latest season titled, Steven Universe: Future!

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