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The Boys Season 3: Karl Urban’s Death Rumored in the Final Season, Release Date Updates

The Boys Season 3: Karl Urban Death Rumored in the Final Season, Release Date Updates

With the third installment of Amazon Studios’ The Boys on the way, here’s what you guys need to perceive about the release date, plot, trailer, and what not.

It is an adaptation of the comic book series of a similar name by Darick Robertson and Garth Ennis, Amazon Prime’s The Boys is a superhero TV series following the nominal team in its expedition to tear down Vought In, the company is blameworthy for granting superpowers.

Over two seasons, The Boys is a manifestation of Amazon Prime’s most successful originals, and so it’s no big of a revelation that the company greenlit a third season early.

The Boys Season 3: Karl Urban Death Rumored in the Final Season, Release Date Updates

Plot- The Boys Season 3 

As The Boys does not precisely imitate Ennis and Robertson’s original comics, it’s hard to say just what Season 3 of the Boys series will focus on. However, based on the cliffhangers at the climax of Season 2, probably The Boys will have to withstand Neuman while once again going for Vought International. Homelander is still a threat.

‘Supernatural’ actor Jensen Ackles will play a supe named ‘Soldier Boy’.

In the spell of the cast, Supernatural star Jensen Ackles is joining The Boys as Soldier Boy, He’ll be integral to the plot, as Season 3 will navigate his old superhero squad, Payback, and enlighten us on the history of Stormfront.

The Boys Season 3: Karl Urban Death Rumored in the Final Season, Release Date Updates

It appears the show will focus on Soldier Boy and Payback early, as the title of Season 3’s premiere is “Payback.”

Release Date-The Boys Season 3 

 This time, the release date for The Boys Season 3 is unknown. Shooting is expected to start on Feb 21 and last till August, although it’s not known at this time if the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic will impact the production.

Previously, though, Seasons 1 and 2 released approximately ten months after the end of principal photography. It means, The Boys Season 3 will likely debut sometime in 2022. 

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