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Daria Nicolodi, Star of Dario Argento’s ‘Deep Red’ and ‘Inferno,’ Dies at 70

Daria Nicolodi, Star of Dario Argento’s ‘Deep Red’ and ‘Inferno,’ Dies at 70

One of the big stars who’s popular across the globe, known for his good acting in many popular movies. She is an Italian actor and screenwriter Daria Nicolodi who is known for some really super hit and award-winning movies like Dario Argento.

She is dead at the age of 70, with an excellent carrier in acting which is remarkable.

Daria Nicolodi is dead at the age of 70 and the reason is not known until now, the news is out with her daughter Asia Argento post on Instagram which is about her life and in discerption a very sad note is written by her daughter.

The post didn’t mention the details of the cause of dead and Italian media also not publish the reason for her death yet.

Daria Nicolodi was born in June 1950 in Florence, she was a very versatile actress who done acting in the movies like “Deep Red’s” which is a very nice movie which is released in 1975, which change the carrier of Daria Nicolodi.

After the successful release of “Deep Red’s” many more successful release is done like,  “Inferno,” in 1980,  “Tenebre” in 1982, “Phenomena” in 1984, and many similar movies.

She has done acting in many different movies and acted in different categories like she played a role in horror movies and also done a movie in 2007 with her daughter, in the movie “mothers of tears”, the love of her daughter can be seen in the Asia Argento post where she wrote a very beautiful message for mother. Daria Nicolodi gave birth to her daughter in 1975, and she is now a media personality in Italy.

Argento shared some lovely pictures of her mother. Daria Nicolodi made her acting debut in Italian master Francesco Rosi’s “Many Wars Ago” (Uomini Contro) after that she gained huge popularity and now she always remembers her acting skills.

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