Philips wants to ban mi phone for What reasons??

Philips filed a case against sales of Xiaomi’s Mi phone in the Delhi High Court stating to ban the manufacturing of its mobiles in the market.

Xiaomi is a Chinese multinational electronics company that arose in Beijing, performing some activities that are illegal and disobeying the company’s copyrights. Philips is alleging three patents that are Universal Mobile Telecommunications Service enhancement- HSPA and HSPA+ and LTE technologies which resulted in infringement of certain patents. 

Why did Philips file a case or suit to stop the manufacturing of Xiaomi’s smartphone?

Philips India has passed a suit to Delhi High Court asking for an “ex-parte and ad-interim injunction” and petitioning to stop Xiaomi’s manufacturing, assembling, importing, selling, advertising through their third parties and producing for sale. Philips complained regarding the Xiaomi’s smartphone, granting the Central Board of Excise and Customs to issue proper instructions to customs authorities at every port in India to restrict the Import of Xiaomi’s mobile handsets in the country. 

What is the verdict on the case?

Delhi High Court asked Xiaomi corporation to uphold Rs. 1000 crores in their bank accounts till the next hearing of the defenders, the bank accounts where Xiaomi is maintaining their charges have to submit the details to the Delhi HC before 2nd December 2020.

As the court wants Xiaomi’s reply within next four week and next call will be conducted on 18th January 2021.

As we know that the Government of India has banned various Chinese apps such as- Tik Tok, PUBG, shein, Candy Cam etc. which states that those apps are a threat to the national security of India. 

So Xiaomi’s Mi Browser which comes pre-installed in every Xiaomi smartphones users which may disturb the public policy of India. 

Chinese smartphones stand top in the global market especially for its price and lifespan, but sometimes violate the company’s rules and regulations that are illegal or oppose to the public policy of a country.

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