Dr Stone Season 2 Trailer, Release Date, Expectations And More

The most Awaited Dr Stone Season 2 is Set to Release in 2021: Read More About Dr Stone 2 Story and Cast Updates Here at TGC

For all the inhabitants of this planet, the good news of the vaccine has yet not arrived. But it is not the same for anime lovers. They can rejoice because the official trailer of their favorite anime, Dr Stone has been released on YouTube by the makers. The trailer however did not unravel the mystery of the release date of Dr Stone Season 2.

But a few weeks ago, the makers announced, Crunchyroll, one of the distributing companies of Dr Stone announced in public on 6th December, that they are coming with the Dr Stone Season 2. Which will premiere from 14th January 2021. 14th January!!!!! Valentine’s Day, this may give fire to rumors, stating that the Dr Stone Season 2 will have more focus on romance and relationships.

Dr Stone Season 2 Trailer, Release Date, Expectations And More

Directed by Shinya lino and written by Yuichiro Kido, Dr Stone is an adaptation of a manga of the same name in the Weekly, Shonen Jump. The makers then decided to go for a television series. The Season 1 of Dr Stone premiered in July 2019, which went on till December 2019 airing a total of 24 episodes. The series was distributed by Crunchyroll in North America and its regions.

Plot Details of Season 2:

The world presented in the anime is 3700 years ahead of the future. Mankind has been completely eradicated from the planet. No trace of human history or settlements can be seen. But somehow, due to unknown reasons, an 18-year old boy Senku Ishigami is saved from the calamity. On waking up he comes to know that he is the lone survivor in the mishap.

Dr Stone Season 2 Trailer, Release Date, Expectations And More

He tries to find a shelter and builds a camp for himself. For the next few months, Senku studies the bodies of humans, and various chemicals to find the reasons behind the unfortunate incident, and the solution to evacuate humans if he can. Then after rigorous research, he finds that a solution of nitric acid has helped him in revival.

He then evacuates his classmate Taiju Oki, Yuzuriha Ogawa, and Tsukasa Shishio, a martial artist with considerable fame. Later Senku believes that they should build a civilization based on scientific solutions that could evacuate and revive other humans as well. But Tsukasa opposes Senku’s idea. On the other hand, Tsukasa wishes to build a world based on power, strength, and masculinity where there is no place for the weak. He even goes to the extent of killing the petrified humans, if he finds any on his way. According to Tsukasa, the original world was grief-stricken and outdated.

Dr Stone Season 2 Trailer, Release Date, Expectations And More

After the separation between Senku and Tsukasa, a rift appears in their friendship and they become friends turned foe. Tsukasa in one of the events tries to kill Senku. But due to god’s grace, he was near to death, but not dead. But, Tsukasa feels that Senku is no more and he is the ultimate king of this world.

In the later episodes, Senku rises from his almost death and searches for help. After meeting a tribe and seeking their help, Senku is now well. He then preaches to the tribal about the advantages of science and what good it can do to the world. In the last episodes, we witness a never seen before war between Senku’s kingdom and Tsukasa’s. The war ends with Senku winning the battle and moving ahead to build a scientific civilization in the future.

Dr Stone Season 2 Trailer:

The Official Trailer of Dr Stone Season 2 dropped on YouTube at the end of December 2020. After the corona pandemic brought mankind to its knees. Many movies, web series, and T.V. shows were delayed till further notice. But the makers took advantage of the work from the home campaign and released the trailer.


The Dr Stone Season 2 trailer has garnered millions of views in just a short span of time, which shows how people were eagerly waiting for its release.

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What to expect from Season 2

Well, if you watched the series and even if you have not watched it yet. You would be able to guess about the storyline because the trailer had the title of Stone War. Stone war refers to the war between the Kingdom of Science of Senku and the Kingdom of Might of Tsukasa.

Dr Stone Season 2 Trailer, Release Date, Expectations And More

We might see Senku getting a tough hand from Tsukasa in the later season because Tsukasa is not a person of peace. He will definitely take revenge for the defeat from the first season. In the first season, Taiju was only seen in the first few episodes. We may see more scenes between him and Senku. Tsukasa may become stronger because of the story as good as the villain.

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