Your Lie In April Season 2: Release Date, Story and More Updates!

The most Awaited Your Lie in April Season 2 Release Date, Read More About  Season 2 Story and Plot Updates Here at TGC

Your Lie in April Season 2 is one of the most highly awaited anime romance series in 2021! Fans have been waiting for news for years and we are here to help you out. Keep reading below to find out all there is to know about Season 2 of the Anime.

Your Lie in April, also known as Shigatsu Wa Kimi No Uso, or Kimiuso in short, is an anime series with a large fan following. No wonder it is popular because it has a beautiful story that intertwines music and romance perfectly. The show is based on a popular manga series and even has a live-action film adaptation.

Your Lie In April Season 2 Latest Updates

Your Lie In April or Kimiuso is based on a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Naoshi Arakawa. Your Lie In April was adapted as an anime series by A-1 productions in 2014. The show ran till early 2015 and received rave reviews for its plot and beautiful accompanying music. A live-action film adaptation of the same name was also released in 2016 with a lot of fanfare.

Its success as a manga and light novel, anime series, and film adaptation, have all contributed to a loud demand for a Second Season of the Anime. Your Lie In April season 2 would presumably continue from the series and not the film. Demands for season 2 were also strengthened by the endearing characters the show follows.

Viewers could not get enough of our main character – Kosei Arima, and his romance with the character Kaori. The plot that follows his musical genius accompanied by truly beautiful music captured audiences. We can’t wait to hear more sensational tunes in Your Lie In April season 2.

Your Lie In April Season 2: Release Date, Story and More Updates!

The Plot

Your Lie In April follows Kosei Arima – a piano student who is famous among all child musicians. He dominates all his competition to become the best anyone has ever seen. This also causes him to be a controversial figure among competitions. However, tragedy strikes, and his mother Saki dies during a piano recital. Due to this, he can no longer bear to hear the sound of a piano.

Though he has friends, Kosei becomes alone and reserved. It has been two years since he has played the piano or even listened to one. Until Kaori, a free-spirited violinist comes into his life. Kosei returns to the music world with the help of Kaori and in the process falls in love with her. However, he believes his love is unrequited.

Soon after Kaori’s health starts to decline and once again Kosei loses a loved one during a music recital. When Kaori dies, Kosei receives a letter from her, delivered by her parents. She reveals that she was aware she would die and before dying wanted to spread joy and return Kosei to the world of music. She also confesses that she has always been in love with Kosei and had always wanted to play music with him.

With such a heartbreaking and beautiful story, fans want to know what happens next in Kosei’s life. Hope for a better future for Kosei and his music, has kept fans asking for Your Lie In April season 2.

Your Lie In April Season 2: Release Date, Story and More Updates!

Your Lie In April season 2

Your Lie in April premiered in 2014 but since then has given no indications of S2. The series ended with the death of Kaori and its aftermath, a story also told through the film and musical adaptations. However, fans are eager to see season 2 to see the rest of Kosei’s career.

According to the author, most of the plot has already been resolved and so there won’t be Your Lie In April season anytime soon. The lie in April was Kaori’s lie that she liked someone else and was not very ill. Thus the show has been resolved and probably won’t continue into Your Lie In April season 2 unless a great plot emerges for the author.


Even though season 2 doesn’t seem likely, the show itself is a great slice of life anime series. Watch Your Lie In April to experience a romance tragedy for the ages. Enjoy the beautiful music and let’s hope we see season 2 of Your Lie in April someday.

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