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Solo Leveling Chapter 135 Release Date: Will Jin Woo Save Japan from Giants?

Solo Leveling Chapter 135 Release Date: Will Jin Woo Save Japan from Giants?

Solo Leveling Chapter 135 is 5 days away and we can’t wait to find out what happens. Will Jinwoo save Japan from Giants? Keep reading ahead for teasers about Solo Leveling chapter 135.

About Solo Leveling

Solo Leveling is a South Korean light novel and manga series that is supremely popular on the internet. The first season concluded in March 2020 and now the second season is releasing chapters. This is why Solo Leveling chapter 135 is so highly awaited and has people excited for its arrival. The chapter will decide the fate of the series plot and we can’t wait to see what happens.

Solo Leveling has found an international fanbase and has been translated in many languages ever since. The popularity of the show has reflected in the fan buzz about Solo Leveling 135.

Solo Leveling Chapter 135 Release Date

Solo Leveling 135 will be out in 5 days and until then we want to find out all that we can. Of course, the timing of release differs for various regions. For some people, Chapter 135 will be available from 13th January onwards. Regardless, soon enough we will be able to get our hands on it. Until then, of course, trust that we will bring you juicy updates on what to expect from chapter 135.

Solo Leveling Chapter 135 Release Date: Will Jin Woo Save Japan from Giants?

Solo Leveling Plot

A portal has appeared connecting our world to a dimension full of monsters and strange creatures. The portal also gave several humans the ability to deal with these monsters – the hunters. Sung Jin Woo is the weakest Korean hunter and is not strong enough to do anything. On one adventure as a hunter, he completes his trials but dies anyway. When he wakes up, he realises he has levelled up to become a player. Watch Sung Jin Woo as he levels up through all the different adventures that have come his way.

With each chapter we see Sung Jin-Woo becoming more powerful as a hunter. Solo Leveling Chapter 135 holds the secrets to Jin Woo’s further success as a hunter.

Solo Leveling Chapter 135 Updates

In the last chapter, we saw Sung Jinwoo going up against a dungeon full of giants. Chapter 135 will hold the answers to whether Jinwoo defeats the giants and especially the boss giant.

In this chapter, we will see Jinwoo’s various groups fight the rest of the giants and then reunite with him to fight the boss giant together. Jinwoo will then use his thousand shadow soldiers as bait while him and the rest of the group attack at once.

Jinwoo will also identify the boss giant’s greatest weakness – his unprotected face. With coordination and team effort, he will be able to defeat the boss giant.


Let’s wait a few more days so we can finally see Solo Leveling chapter 135 and watch the insane battle between Jinwoo and the giants.

Stay Tuned with The Global Coverage for More Updates

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