Nichijou Season 2: Renewed or Cancelled? Updates, Expectations and Cast

Is Nichijou season 2 confirmed? Fans have been eagerly waiting for the upcoming season 2 of Nichijou, a Kyoto animation series. Fans have been urging the creators for almost a decade now. Although, the creator confirmed the renewal of Nichijou Season 2 still, the counting is heightening every day. Settle in! The show is not confirmed yet but, will be announced pretty soon.

A Kyoto Animation comedy manga series, Nichijou, scripted and illustrated by Keiichi Crawl. The first serialisation of Nichijou prevailed in late 2006 and Kadokawa Shoten’s manga magazine Shõnen Ace. After which, the series also released in tankõbon volume’s form, from 2007 to 2015. Nichijou was loved and admired by every viewer, around the globe. Moreover, it’s International release also brought a massive commercial success for broadcasters, around North America by Funimation along with New Zealand and Australia by Madman Entertainment. After the first season, fans aspire to know the further story because of which its demand thrived more and more.

Nichijou Seaon 2: Renewed or Cancelled? Updates, Expectations and Cast

Nichijou season 1 revolves around the storyline of the everyday lives of the people of Tokisadame. Amongst which, Yuko Aioi (a joyful high school girl with lot of mood swings), Mio Naganohara (a happy lucky girl who has a secret crush on Kojiro Sasahara), Mai Minakami (a bespectacled calm and wise girl), Nano Shinonome (an Android girl who wants to be high school girl but can not reveal her identity). For the updates, season 2 is expected to be based on these major characters.

Today there is a vast platform for international streaming like Netflix. As for that, the sequel of any anime installation is quite common. Nichijou has a huge chance if the production house like Netflix or any other showed more interest in it. In the past few years, Fans have signed numerous petitions to demand for Nichijou season 2.
From the latest 2020 update, Kyoto Animation or any other production house has not shown much interest in Nichijou Season 2.

Nichijou Seaon 2: Renewed or Cancelled? Updates, Expectations and Cast

Making anime movies takes a lengthy time. Even today also, making one takes up to a couple of years. Nichijou Season 2 is expected to be declared open in late 2021 or 2022. As of today’s circumstances, there is no clue for the arrival of Nichijou Season 2. Although, season 1 is out streaming on every anime platforms. As long as the fans kept supporting and waiting for season 2, it is much likely to release soon. Nichijou is still listed in the hot topics amongst otakus. This web series is a highly rated anime comedy series. So, it’s demand heightened more by each passing time.

The confirmation of Nichijou season 2 is still a dilemma. Fans have been waiting very impatiently for the next season of Nichijou, anime series. The story which revolves around the ordinary life of Tokisadame people have made so much impact on the viewers that this is rated as one of the best anime series. As the support of the fans, updates on season 2 is not so far.

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