Boruto Chapter 54: Release Date, Story and How to Read Online

Boruto Chapter 54 is almost here and we can’t wait to get our hands on it! However, we need to satisfy our curiosity until then. Keep reading to find out more about borate Chapter 54!

About Boruto

Boruto is also known as Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. The series is a manga that is popular because of its followup to the iconic Naruto. Boruto is Naruto’s son and so everyone is excited to see what happens in CH 54. The Boruto series officially starts in 2015 from where Naruto stopped in 2014.

Boruto first premiered in 2015 in Japan and since then has been soaring off the shelves. Ukyo Kodachi and Masashi Kishimoto wrote the manga series. Mikio Ikemoto illustrated the series as well. The manga series currently has 13 volumes and Boruto chapter 54 is one of the most awaited releases.

Boruto 54 is the coming together of a lot of different plot lines. the fans have been trying to piece together all the information.

Boruto Chapter 54: Release Date, Story and How to Read Online

Boruto Chapter 54

The Boruto chapter 54 will be releasing on 20th January 2021. With Chapter 54 so close we can’t help but wonder what to expect. The Boruto plot is a lot like Naruto – full of Boruto’s adventures with his friends. Boruto picks up from one such adventure.

Boruto grew up resenting his father Naruto – the great hero. He felt slighted as he was never as important as the future of the village. Boruto grows up a skilled boy. Young Boruto’s skills were tested as he has to fight to rescue Naruto from a great danger. Due to his success, he joins a squad of ninjas and becomes a hero himself.

54 Boruto Ch. is coming soon on January 20th after a long monthly release schedule for this volume of the manga. Previously, before Boruto Ch 54, we see Kawaki, Naruto and Sasuke fight Ishikki. During this battle we find that the bond between Kawaki and Naruto is strengthened. Together they all defeat Ishikki.

In Boruto Chapter 54 we will see them deal with what happened before. Also Boruto gains new powers which we will be able to see in 54. There are rumours that maybe new characters will be introduced in 54. On 20th January we will all find out what Boruto 54 will bring to the series.

Boruto Chapter 54: Release Date, Story and How to Read Online


Boruto Chapter 54 is almost here so get ready for some fun and adventure. Hopefully we can see a lot more of Boruto and our dear Naruto in Chapter 54.

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