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Private Eyes Season 4: Release Date, Story, Cast and More Updates


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Private Eyes season 4 is making us all scratch our heads in wonder and we are here to give you a full breakdown of what to expect from this crime drama. With its season 4 being even more explosive than before, catch up on all things Private Eyes so you can enjoy the whole experience.

What is Private Eyes?

For anyone who is new and for fans who want a refresher Private Eyes is a Canadian crime drama series. It’s based on a novel and follows two private investigators or private “eyes” as they solve crime in Toronto. Our two main characters are Angie and Shade – a killer team of detectives with their own dark secrets.

Private Eyes Season 4 debuted in November 2020 and is currently on hiatus. The last episode to air was Private Eyes season 4 episode 7: “Under Par-essure”. The series in season 4 follows characters Angie and Shade in solving crimes and also figuring out their own deep dark pasts. Watching Private Eyes this season is a must with its thrilling plotlines, its romantic air and the amazing acting by the cast.

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Spoiler Alert: In episode 7, right before the hiatus, we see shade and Angie solve crimes during a golfing tournament. Here Shade forms a strong connection with an actress as well. We can’t wait to see where this story goes for our main characters.

Private Eyes Season 4: Release Date, Story, Cast and More Updates

Previously on Private Eyes… 

Previously in the series we meet Shade – a former hockey player turned detective and Angie – Shade’s boss and partner at Everett Investigations. Angie inherits the firm after her father dies. Shade’s family life is always mysterious and in Private Eyes Season 4 it is revealed that he has a daughter. Through the first three seasons, we see Angie and Shade growing as friends and partners while dealign with their families pasts as well. In season 3 Angie manages to defeat her all-time nemesis as well. In season 3 we have also introduced to season regular Tex, who is framed for a crime.

Immerse yourself in the world of private interests and seedy lives with Private Eyes. Through the show look into the dark corners of the city of Toronto and try your wn hand at being an investigator extraordinaire.

What to Expect in Private Eyes Season 4?

Until now the plots for the next two episodes are unknown but they will be airing on January 7th and January 14th 2021. At least we have new Private Eyes episodes to look forward to in 2021. The episodes are mysteriously named ” A Blueprint For Murder” and “A Star Is Torn” respectively. Fans everywhere are trying to predict what these episode names could hint at before we finally get to watch the episodes.

So far there has been no information from the production and even the plotlines are unknown. However, the last episode being about a star could involve the actress we meet in s4 episode 7.

Though the show can seem like a serious show there is a lot of humour and fun banter between Shade and Angie.

Private Eyes Season 4 Cast

The show features some really cool Canadian talent as guest stars like Colin Mochrie and Jann Arden

The main character Shade is played by Jason Priestley known for being on 90210. The character of Angie is also played by star actress Cindy Sampson, who can be seen on popular shows like Supernatural as well.

Apart from the two main characters, recurring cast members and guest stars drive the story forward.

  • Barry Flatman – Don Shade, Shade’s father
  • Jordyn Negri – Juliet Shade, Shade’s daughter season 4
  • Cle Bennett – Detective Derek Nolan
  • Ennis Esmer – Detective Kurtis Mazhari
  • Brett Donahue – Tex

Apart from this cast, other recurring casts keep joining across seasons as Shade and Angie go on new adventures every episode.

Private Eyes Season 4: Release Date, Story, Cast and More Updates


Private Eyes is one of the most wholesome crime dramas on Tv right now and is a must-watch. The fourth season is filled with thrilling suspense, romance, fun adventures and so much more. Join for the mysterious crime-solving duo but you will leave loving each character and their funny banter. Get into the fandom and figure out the clues on your own before the next episodes come out. Join a community of fans who love to see some good old detective work on TV.

Stay Tuned with The Global Coverage for More Updates

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