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Who is Abigail Shapiro? And Why is Getting Harassed by Online Trolls, Ben Shapiro’s Sister Facts


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We all know conservative pundit Ben Shapiro, but who is Abigail Shapiro? Why is she the one getting trolled? Well, we have all the answers so keep reading below.

Who is Abigail Shapiro?

Abigail Shapiro is best known as the sister of conservative troll Ben Shapiro. However, she is an opera singer, actor and conservative Youtuber as well. We also know Abigail Shapiro as the star of Youtube channel ‘Classically Abby’. Abigail Shapiro is certainly a controversial figure, though not as much as Ben Shapiro.

The younger Shapiro, Abigail Shapiro started out her career as a singer in Manhattan musicals. She later got into acting as well. After the success of her brother online, Abigail Shapiro also gained an online following. Soon after, Abigail started her Youtube channel. She has also penned articles and been a consultant on films.

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Her Youtube channel gives women advice on how to be classic and conservative. She has also expressed many outdated opinions on the way women should behave. While Abigail Shapiro is not as aggressive as her brother, she has strong opinions as well.

Due to this, we often see a lot of discussion on Abigail Shapiro on the internet. However, the most hurtful of all was the trolling she got from other conservatives itself.

Who is Abigail Shapiro? And Why is Getting Harassed by Online Trolls, Ben Shapiro's Sister Facts

Why is she being trolled?

Abigail Shapiro is sister to one of the biggest online trolls of all time. So is it any surprise she got trolled?

While liberal people may not like her on Twitter or other social media, her trolling was to a minimum for a while. Abigail Shapiro was previously called out for her homophobic comments and misogyny.

However, things took a turn when she appeared on her brother Ben’s videos. Abigail Shapiro is not deserving of such bad trolling surely.

Other conservatives and antisemitic people made fun of Abigail Shapiro on various sites. The attacks are based on her Jewish looks a lot. Abigail Shapiro even faced attacks for her singing online.

All of this came from mostly conservative breeding grounds. Abigail Shapiro did not respond to them. However, she did stop coming on Ben Shapiro’s channel.


Abigail Shapiro is not a saint for sure. Her Youtube channel promotes harmful content a lot of times. However, her trolling was not valid. She received hate for being Jewish a lot. This is not alright in this day and age. We all have a lot to think about seeing how Abigail Shapiro was harassed.

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