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Home Animation BTOOOM SEASON 2: Release Date, Story, Cast and More Updates

BTOOOM SEASON 2: Release Date, Story, Cast and More Updates


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The most Awaited BTOOOM SEASON 2 is Set to Release: Read More About Season 2 Story and Cast Updates Here at TGC

Well, aren’t we all vividly attached to anime and mangas of all genre(s)? They all get us pretty hyped up and excited and we are all in with the characters. Btooom is another adventure rich manga series, both written and directed by  Junya Inoue. It has some really high-quality plot, drama, action and belongs to the sci-fi genre.

A Crunchyroll distribution which is known for other famous anime like ‘yurucamp’, it is produced by Madhouse. Can you believe that the popularity of the show skyrocketed such that even a video game under the same title was released? It received quite an acclamation for its sci-fi genre and action-packed drama.


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Well, this high action show revolves around a 22-year-old boy Ryota Sakamoto. Well, he is a spoiled brat in himself, is also unemployed. However, he is a topmost player in an online battle royale game of Btooom. Well, things turn upside down when his normal mundane life is shaken when he finds himself stranded on an island, with no memory and the only goal – SURVIVAL. Later did he realise that he is stuck in a real virtual version of the game he topped.

  • BTOOOM SEASON 2: Release Date, Story, Cast and More Updates

Ring a bell? Sounds something like a Japanese version of ‘ Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle’. Hell yes, it’s even better. Further in the game, he finds Himiko, a game character who plays his wife in the virtual version and thus decides to team up with her. One thing that has been beautifully addressed in the Manga is what damage a childhood trauma can do to a person and the fight one puts up against them. The season ended with a lot of questions giving the people two possible versions with two endings, a gloomy one and a cheery one. It would require a hell lot of skill to mould the two into one great sequel of the first season.


Well, the story focuses mainly on Royota and Himiko there are many characters who have quite well lift the show. Royota holds a global rank 10 and is quite a genius in-game, but in real-world he leads a sad life. We later find that it was his mother who put him up in the game because she thinks her son is too unambitious and lazy. However, he has amazing combat skills. BTOOOM SEASON 2: Release Date, Story, Cast and More Updates

Himiko is well a 15-year-old naive young girl. She was witness to a horrible rape and murder of a young girl. All this was executed by her friends and those were the people who nominated her, such that they can get rid of her. Other supporting characters include Nobutaka Oda, one of the most dangerous and atrocious players of the game. He also is nominated to play in the real-life version of the game. Kiyoshi Taira smart and quite critical to the plot of the show. He teams up with Ryota and Himiko to help them, but he loses his senses even before the game ends. He then commits suicide, leaving us all very sad.

Release Date: BTOOOM SEASON 2

Well, the show was deeply celebrated for both its genre and characters. There were many speculations regarding its Btooom season 2, dating back to 2018. The first season came out in 2012, October and the production house took 50 chapters to mould it into the first season. However, even yet there are no confirmations from any studio regarding the Second Season.

See there have been shows which have been resumed after 15 years, so your fans mustn’t lose hope. The material for Second Season is unending, just requires some right amount of initiative by the makers and miracles happen every day, so don’t you lose hope!!

Maybe by the end of this winters, we get to hear some good Btooom! News.

Stay Tuned with The Global Coverage for More Updates

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