Black Clover Episode 160: Release Date, Story & Watch Online

Black Clover is back again with Black Clover episode 160 and we can barely keep up. There is so much action to catch up on, so keep reading to find out more.

About Black Clover

Black Clover is a Japanese manga that is extremely popular and for good reason. It is illustrated and written by one of the great manga writers – Yuki Tabata. The series originally debuted in 2015 and continues to post new volumes.

The Black Clover Anime was released first in 2017 and has been renewed for a new season every year since then. Now we are on the fourth season and the adventure has never been better. This anime is one of the greatest in the fantasy genre and thus we can’t wait for Black Clover episode 160.

Black Clover tells the story of a young orphan named Asta. He is best friends with another orphan who lives with him called Yuno. They both belong to the same orphanage but are very different as people. In this world, people have innate magical powers that they use. However, Asta doesn’t possess any powers at all. On the other hand, Yuno is one of the most powerful magicians of all time.

This difference in power and their ambitions to be successful, cause a rift between friends. Both of them start to become competitive, as they want to be heroes of the Clover Kingdom. They both join a magical knight squad for this reason. Each one has an ace up their sleeve – Asta has a five-leaf clover that is anti-magic, while Yuno has a four-leaf clover that boosts magic.

We see both Asta and Yuno go on adventures as they both try to realise their dreams of being Wizard King. This is such a well-written adventure series that everyone is waiting on Black Clover episode 160.

Black Clover Episode 160: Release Date, Story & Amp Watch Online

Black Clover Episode 160

We can confirm that the Black Clover Episode 160 will release on 19th January 2021. The anime is available to watch on Crunchyroll as well as Netflix in some countries. The show will continue to show us adventures between Asta and Yuno. We see Asta acquire new powers and defeat his enemies in the Spade Kingdom.

Watch the Black Clover E 160 soon to find out what happens to Asta and Yuno.


Black Clover is a very engaging series and hard not to get addicted to. Catch up on Black Clover episode 160 with us and we can look forward to more soon.

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