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Christine and Dr Gabriel Chiu Net Worth? – Surprising Net Worth

Christine and Dr Gabriel Chiu Net Worth? - Surprising Net Worth

We have all the details of the insane Christine and Dr Gabriel Chiu Net Worth. Their wealth is dizzying enough and we want to know all about it. Christine Chiu and Dr Gabriel Chiu are surely living lavishly with their assets all in place

Christine Chiu Net Worth

Let’s get one thing straight – Christine and Dr Gabriel Chiu are the power couple of all times. Their appearance on Bling Empire let us all in on the wealth and power of this couple. However, we don’t know much about who Christine Chiu really is.

Christine is a well known Los Angeles socialite and the wife of the renowned plastic surgeon Dr Gabriel Chiu. Much of her arc in the Bling Empire is centred around her issues surrounding fertility. The couple was trying to have kids and struggling with the process of surrogacy. The couple already has a 2-year-old son named Baby G who is the light of their lives.

Christine has talked about how she in-laws have caused her trouble due to the pressure to have a child.

Christine herself is a mysterious figure. While she was born into an influential and rich Taiwanese family, she was cut off years ago. Ever since then she has not been back to Taiwan or in contact with her biological family. We don’t know the reason because of which Christine was cut off. However, it sure is a dramatic fact to the mysterious life of Christine Chiu.

Christine and Dr Gabriel Chiu Net Worth? - Surprising Net Worth

Christine and Dr Gabriel Chiu Net Worth

Dr Gabriel Chiu Net Worth

Dr Gabriel Chiu is the royalty of the family. Although he is a well known plastic surgeon for the stars, he is also related to the Chinese Song Dynasty. He is 24 generations apart descendant of the dynasty. If the dynasty were continued his father would be emperor right now. Due to this amazing history, he was able to afford the best education possible. With his skills as a surgeon as well as inherited wealth, he has made a lavish life.

He also married successful fashion entrepreneur, business manager and PR agent Christine who added to this wealth.

Christine and Dr Gabriel Chiu Net Worth?

Now, Christine and Dr Gabriel Chiu Net Worth are estimated to be more than 100 million dollars. At least 20 million dollars of this net worth can be attributed to Christine even after she stopped working professionally. As a famous surgeon to the stars no wonder, Dr Gabriel Chiu net worth. Let’s hope this adorable pair have a great 2021 and multiply their wealth manifold.

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