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Kane Lim Net Worth 2021: Personal Life And Much More!

Kane Lim Net Worth: Personal Life And Much More!

Kane Lim is yet another among the roster of breakout stars from Bling Empire. It’s time to dig deep and find out more about this rich socialite and Kane Lim Net Worth 2021: Personal Life And Much More!. Find out more about Kane Lim by reading below about all the juicy details.

About Kane Lim

Kane Lim is one of the best things to come out of our favorite reality show Bling Empire.   Kane Lim has one of the best personalities and fashion styles on the show. However, we don’t know much else about this starlet from Los Angeles.

Kane Lim was born in Singapore and is one of the rare self-made tycoons on Bling Empire. This self-made millionaire started working at the young age of 17 and now at 30 years old is shaking up the world.

Kane Lim Net Worth: Personal Life And Much More!

Kane Lim Net Worth In 2021

This crazy rich Asian has a different story than most other millionaires. While Kane Lim was born into a family of billionaires he chose to strike out on his own. We don’t know much about his relationship with his family, though his mother is featured on his Instagram. Kane also has a brother named Kresley who is younger than him. There isn’t a lot of information on young Kresley however. He left his home at 17 to start working on his own and by the time he was 25 he had moved to the United States. His success has certainly been hard-won and fair.

He is a fashion entrepreneur and even showed some of these activities on Bling Empire. While Kane’s primary interest lies in strict business as a millionaire, he is also involved in other projects. He has been working with various charities as well. Miracle for Kids is one of several charities that Kane has been providing support to.

Kane Lim Net Worth 2021

Though Kane Lim is so young he is also one of the richest people ever. Kane Lim Net Worth 2021 is estimated to be 20 million dollars. This is only halfway through his career as Kane certainly has many years to go.

Kane Lim made most of his money through smart investment projects, ownership of key properties in Asia as well as shipping. Through his acute business sense he was able to make a name for himself but he is only 30 yet. We are sure that we will see Kane Lim and his net worth rise even more in the future.

Is Kane Lim Gay?

For everyone who wants to know, yes Kane is gay, single, and ready to mingle.

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