Kevin Kreider Net Worth: Netflix Star Kevin’s Bodybuilding Life & More

Kevin Kreider Net Worth: Netflix Star Kevin's Bodybuilding Life & More

Netflix’s new reality show Bling has made many curious about the insane rich lives and Kevin Kreider Net Worth of its cast, perhaps more so for Kevin Kreider one of the more unusual and unexpected stars on the show. Here’s all the latest updates from TGC.

Kevin is a self-made man. Born in Seoul, South Korea and adopted by white parents, he was raised in Philadelphia. During his early years, living in a predominantly white area, he was bullied a lot over his lean physique and different features. This sparked his interest in the fitness and bodybuilding industry where he ultimately found a career.

More About Kevin Kreider

Born on August 21, 1983, in South Korea, not much is known about his biological parents, which served as a point of interest in the show Bling.


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Kevin rose to fame after his TedX talk in 2018 about his Asian-American identity crisis, getting bullied for his looks and overcoming other struggles from his past went viral. Even prior to that he has had multiple achievements to boast of. Apart from his interests in bodybuilding, he also ventured as a fitness model, in which he gained considerable success. He got the opportunity to work with leading modelling agency Wilhelmina and got featured on several magazines, TV commercials etc.

After becoming a viral sensation for his TedX talk, he even starred in a 2019 documentary titled “The Ugly Model”. Currently, he is the owner and CEO of Taejin Entertainment LLC, an entertainment firm based in Los Angeles. He’s deemed to be quite the womanizer with his sleek looks and well-built physique. Also, with over a 154K followers on Instagram, he is a top Instagram fitness influencer helping others to realize their fitness goals, giving tips and online courses on health and wellness, lifestyle and nutrition.


Kevin Kreider Net Worth

While he may have been a little different from his co-stars on Bling, in perhaps being an unusual guest, Kevin Kreider Net Worth as of 2021 totals to a whopping $10 million USD. When approached for the show, he apparently expressed surprise saying, “But I’m not rich.” He still feels overwhelmed at how the rich and the successful live such extravagantly lavish lifestyles.

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