Kelly Mi Li Net Worth 2021m”Bling Empire Star” Relationships And More

New Netflix reality shows Bling Empire has given viewers a never before seen glimpse into the lives of the wealthy. As curiosity about the cast grows, we take a closer look at cast member Kelly’s life, Kelly Mi Li Net Worth, and relationships.

About Kelly Mi Li

Kelly Mi Li was born in Kunming China, before moving to the US with her single mother where she was raised. Of the cast, this 35-year-old is one of the self-made individuals who gained her success and wealth through her own grit at determination. Kelly Mi Li is an entrepreneur who started at a very young age. At only 18, Kelly Mi Li Net Worth is very impressive and she moved to Los Angeles and began taking an interest in the food industry. Through the years she has dabbled and invested in several businesses and companies including Be Great Partner, East-West Artistes, Greyscale lab etc and startups like MeUndies,, and Nature Box.

She is in fact responsible for the Bling Empire coming to life as she pitched the idea to Jeff Jenkins and helped bring the whole thing together. Kelly has previous experience in producing shows however like, AMP House, Spilt Milk, Cypher among many others.

Kelly Mi Li Net Worth 2021

Kelly Mi Li Net Worth 2021 as of now stands at around $5 million USD. A wealth amassed through sincere hard work, dedication, and natural talent in the business.

Kelly Mi Li’s Love Life: Ex-Husband And Boyfriend


Kelly Mi Li had been married to a wealthy Chinese businessman in her twenties by the name of Lin Miao, but they filed for divorce in 2014 and finally obtained it in May 2015. Ling Miao was arrested and sentenced to 10 years for running “a multimillion-dollar text messaging consumer fraud scheme.” Speaking about her ex-husband on the show, she claimed, “I didn’t know it at the time, but he was running one of the largest cyber scams in American history. All of our assets were frozen, and we gave the government, I think it was, like, $168 million. Yeah. I didn’t even know who I was sleeping next to.”

After the fiasco with her ex-husband, Kelly Mi Li has been known to have an on-and-off relationship with Andrew Gray, who is fondly remembered as the Red Ranger from Power Rangers: Megaforce. Andrew is also part of the cast at Bling Empire and their relationship is elaborated further in the show.

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