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Are you surrounded with clouds of doubts and confusions? Here’s Tarot Tree of Life by Resham Kamboj!


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A daughter of a tarot card reader, I watched closely how my mother helped people around her and how satisfied she was by helping them. I chose my profession as a fashion stylist, unaware of my ultimate goal. Fortunately, Your destiny derives your goal and your journey becomes an inspiration for others.

I never noticed my inner power until I was about to give birth to another life on this earth. I took my tarot reading skills as a hobby. After getting blessed by a baby girl I realized tarot can be a full-time profession that can empower me and others. Hence I started to dedicate more time to acquire more skills and apply my learnings to the real-world problems of my clients.

Are you surrounded with clouds of doubts and confusions? Here's Tarot Tree of Life by Resham Kamboj!

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I practice Tarot and Oracle card reading, Angel card reading, Cartomancy, Fengshui, Candle healing, Angel therapy Reiki, Angel Reiki, Crystal Therapy, Affirmations therapy, and Moon manifestation. I strongly believe in providing remedies that are very easy to implement, switch words that can recite easily any time of the day, and if required high quality and inexpensive crystals along with manifestation candles. I live by the ‘Learning is a never-ending journey and hence a newly added feather in the hat is Lama Fera Healing which is also known as the world’s strongest alternative holistic healing modality.

I feel fortunate that I’m in a position to empower others. I’ve developed online courses and workshops on Tarot, Oracle, Reiki and soon I’ll be giving classes on Lama Fera. The feeling that upon successful completion of the course my students can practice this professionally and earn livelihood in such challenging times is so satisfactory. I’ve trained more than 300 students and have conducted more than 500 workshops.

I believe in spirituality more than religion.

My aim is to reach and empower 50k people by the end of the year.

Don’t tell others what you should be!

Be what you are and what you feel!

You Can Contact her on Instagram: @tarottreeoflife

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