Solo Leveling Chapter 137: Release Date, Storyline and More

Solo Leveling is a famous South Korean web novel written by Chugong. As of now, it has serialized  3 volumes, and it’s genres focus on action & fantasy. It has a very different and unique plot, and the creators are planning to develop anime in this novel. Basically, this novel is in great demand and will reach the aim of success soon this year. Today we will talk about the possibility of Solo Leveling Chapter 137.

Solo Leveling Chapter 137 Released Date

According to News and Other Updates, the web novel releases its episode every Thursday in English and Korea. It started in 2018 and still ought to continue because of its incredible art and the characters. The readers find this more appealing and are very excited by the upcoming anime as confirmed on Netflix. The chapters are serialized  KakaoPage with more than a million readers.


Solo Leveling’s story focuses on a feeble hunter name Jin-Woo whose aim is to become the most powerful and courageous hunter, but everything takes time; one can never become strong overnight. Similarly, to fulfil his dreams, he started to work hard and then defeating almost 29 giants. In Solo Leveling Chapter 137, he comes across a very remarkable and vicious fight with a faint of Tokyo. Basically, Jin-Woo set foot in Japan to help and save people from such life-threatening monsters. People watching this battle are very energetic and encouraging Woo to defeat the evil.

In the end, he used his famous skill   Mutilate and succeeded in killing the deadly monster. The shocking part he killed wasn’t the real enemy; it was all part of a game by the dungeon boss. So, when he defeats the boss, is it yet to be discovered? Till then, will he survive or not? All we can hope for is a better ending.


Meet the Characters of Solo Leveling Chapter 137

The most incredible characters of Solo Leveling who made this series very famous with interesting characters and especially the writer who managed to put an equal balance between the protagonist and antagonist. It includes Sung Jin-Woo, Sung Il-Hwan, Yoo Myung-Han, Sung Su-Ho, Park Jun-Tae & many more.

Solo Leveling Chapter 137: Release Date, Storyline and More

The Trailer

No Official trailer pf Solo Leveling Chapter 137 is released Yet! Till then, you can watch this video for a better understanding of the upcoming chapter.

Solo Leveling Chapter 137 and Solo Leveling all the chapters are available on Crunchyroll and Funimation as well. Those of you who haven’t read the chapters yet can go ahead and watch it over there. Until we come back with more updates about the novel, you can check Jo Jo Part 6 & more.

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