Among Us Airship Map Release Date, Trailer |How to Play Among Us Airship Map?

Are we ready for a game of betrayal and mind mapping, Among Us Airship Map Release date? a game of disguise and fiery tasks? That’s right, among us became one of the very popular games, not only amongst teenagers but also millennial. Everyone was glued to their screens and thereby it came to be one of the most played games of 2020.

So are you all geared up for Among Us Airship map, make sure your oxygen is not depleting!!

Among Us Airship Map Release Date, Trailer |How to Play Among Us Airship Map?
Among Us Airship map

How to play among us airship map?

  • Okay for the same, the crewmates will have to first create a local or an online game
  • Once you have created the game, on the laptop’s lobby you can choose customization of the game
  • Later it is required to select the airship map Apk.
  • Now the gamers must leave this game and start a new one without changing the settings.
  • Later when joined by 4 or more players the game will be ready to play!!

The new map consisting of among us airship map, as the name suggests an ‘airship’ will be quite interesting in its own!! For a surprise factor, we are hoping for a kitchen in among us airship map.

What is Among Us Airship Map?

Well even it doesn’t matter whether you are Gen Z or Millennial, if you are, living in 2021, you are an IMPOSTOR!! Yes among us is an online multiplayer game which is believed to have spread like forest fire among teens and more. It is quite interesting on its own. So the first one is required to create a lobby, it can be Asia, North America and Europe. Then the game code is displayed on the centre screen it could be anything, for example, BXOLFH. The code is later shared with other players and they join the online game. A minimum requirement of 4 should be sustained to play the game, where the maximum is 10.

Among Us Airship Map Release Date, Trailer |How to Play Among Us Airship Map?

Among Us has become a central attraction on Youtube and has been dominated by the number of gamers streaming this technical flawless game. Not only the Indian Youtubers, but this trend has been joined by many famous westerners making it go viral. Pewdiepie has been streaming a lot while playing this game with his buddies and honestly we love it!!

The game further has many colour suits for players from pink to cyan to purple to lime and more. To make your look even more attractive, it has plenty of hat options for the suit, could be horns or a beanie or even a plant!!

The Future of Among Us Airship map

Just before the coming out of the biggest map in Among Us airship map, the game came out to be available on the Nintendo Switch for an amount of $5.00. This Switch version will have cross-platform which will allow the PC, mobile and the Switch players to play together and that will be a banger!

The Airship map was officially confirmed by Innersloth on September 23, 2020. Many new changes will be added to this version of the game and the techniques that it will feature. There was also news of a sequel for the game but it was later called off. The new content will be available to all players.

Is the among us airship map out?

No, InnerSloth has yet to confirm a release date for the new among us airship map just yet, but the trailer does outright say “early 2021″Are you ready to skyrocket through in an Airship? A new trailer featuring the map was displayed off during The Game Awards 2020. It showcases many parts of the new map, its new tasks, and all in all-new features like choosing which place you want to start right in.

The map of these will include polishing a giant gemstone, jerking a bag of trash out of a bin, and a lot of other things. The map is also littered with ladders and shortcuts, like platforms that would float and help in locomotion or transfer of players from one place to another. It will definitely be one of the most dynamic maps in the game.

How the Among Us Airship Map did come in place?

the among us airship map is inspired and it took its theme from  Henry Stickmin, a series of interactive animated clips created by InnerSloth dev Marcus Bromande, which should give a trip down nostalgia to people.

So yeah we are ready for a new version and can’t help but catcall Imposters!!

Stay tuned for The Global Coverage for more updates.

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