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Dogecoin To A Dollar! Dogecoin To 1$ Seems A Reality According To Experts

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Dogecoin To A Dollar

Dogecoin and the Reddit stock market saga is on everyone’s mind right now. We are here to explain all you need to know about the Dogecoin price prediction and Dogecoin to A Dollar is Possible?

Dogecoin To A Dollar!

Dogecoin To A Dollar, Dogecoin To 1$

Dogecoin To A Dollar, Dogecoin To 1$

Crypto Dogecoin was started as a meme at first, but now it is all the rage in the market. It is a form of cryptocurrency that has become popular recently. As Reddit storms the stock market, Dogecoin has been seeing an uptick as well. After hiking up the value of Gamestop, it’s time to take Dogecoin to the moon.

Dogecoin to the moon has even become a popular phrase on Reddit. The currency is now the 9th largest cryptocurrency in the world. Jackson Palmer and Billy Markus founded Dogecoin in 2013 based on the popular meme of a dog. Already big names like Elon Musk have been tweeting about it. Looks like Dogecoin is here to stay. The current wave is affecting other currencies as well. Not only Dogecoin but other cryptocurrencies are seeing a surge.

Predicting a Rise- Dogecoin To A Dollar?

Currently, Dogecoin To A Dollar is trending everywhere as users are trying to drive the price forward. If it does happen it would be a legendary moment. Currently, the price of digital currency is $0.056. Hopefully, it will continue to rise as Dogecoin To A Dollar trends.

As users continue on their drive, experts also predict that they will be successful in raising Dogecoin To A Dollar. We are likely going to see Dogecoin become the equivalent of Gamestop in the next few days. Dogecoin has already risen.

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What Is The Whole Story about Dogecoin To A Dollar

These past days have been wild for trade and stock markets. The Reddit frenzy has put a less-known digital currency, Dogecoin, founded as a joke on the map. The value of the cryptocurrency skyrocketed on Thursday and now reports claim that the value may rise to Dogecoin To A Dollar in the coming days. Dogecoin’s logo has the image of Shiba Inu dog, which was taken from the viral doge meme.

The dogecoin’s value rose following the events triggered by the popular Reddit forum, r/wallstreetbets. GameStop, the American video retailer company had a short squeeze after the users from r/wallstreetbets started buying shares from multiple brokerages. Later, another popular forum r/SatoshiStreetBets was inspired by the GameStop rally and wished to pump cryptocurrencies.

VALUE GOING UP – Dogecoin To A Dollar

The cryptocurrency was trading at just $0.00797 before the sudden surge came in. Later, dogecoin’s value quickly increased to $0.057410 at around 10 pm ET on Friday. Dogecoin even managed to hit the intraday high of $0.072330 within 24 hours. The reports claim that the cryptocurrency saw and rise of 800% in just 24 hours and is expected to rise more as the forum is encouraging the users to keep pushing.

Thanks to the crypto rally, dogecoin managed to attain ninth rank among the digital currencies. However, the other cryptocurrency also had their value risen up, thanks to the manipulation by r/SatoshiStreetBets. The ‘Satoshi’ name used in the Reddit forum is quite famous among crypto traders. Satoshi is the name of the person or group of a person, who developed Bitcoin quite a few years ago.

That’s not it, the meme-inspired cryptocurrency also managed to add around $7.17 billion on total market capitalization values within the first 24 hours. Dogecoin has been nicknamed ‘doge gme’ as the users desperately want to make it equivalent to GameStop. Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, tweeted a post about Doge and users are assuming that they have his support on skyrocketing dogecoin.

The latest value of dogecoin is around $0.02775241 on Saturday at 1 pm ET, however, users believe that it might surge in the next few hours.

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