Dogecoin Today 5th February Prediction (DOGE) Pumps 50% Higher after Elon Musk Twitter

Dogecoin Today Prediction is here to let you know whether dogecoin will finally trend again. The notorious meme cryptocurrency suffered losses after its massive gains. However, it was supposed to recover by 4th February 2021. Now that the day is over, lets review and see what 5th Feb holds for investors. Will dogecoin keep its mainstream popularity or will it perish in the rally.

All these questions and we have the answers. Keep reading to find out about the Dogecoin upcoming forecasting.

Dogecoin 5th February Today Prediction

The Dogecoin to the moon movement started about a week back. The aim was to drive up the value of Dogecoin hopefully to 1$. This aim is to be achieved by 4th and 5th Feb. We are here with news of the first day and hopeful forecasts for 5th February.


Due to intense online rallies, there was a significant rise in the dogecoin value on 4th February. This momentum will likely continue on 5th Feb. In fact, now would be a great time for a buy-in according to Dogecoin upcoming forecasting.

Dogecoin Today 5th February Prediction (DOGE) Pumps 50% Higher after Elon Musk Twitter
Dogecoin today 5th February Prediction

Another feature that should influence your decision is the dogecoin USDT exchange. The dogecoin has been at the forefront of altcoins rising. Now other companies and exchanges are catching on to this movement. Companies like Men have partnered with the founders of Dogecoin to create DOGEO – astable trading coin that serves as collateral against Dogecoin.

The biggest development, of course, is the Dogecoin USDT exchange with BITMEX. This is a cryptocurrency derivate exchange that often offers lifetime contracts to upcoming currencies. On 5th Feb Dogecoin will enter a perpetual contract with them. This will provide a stable price attached to Dogecoin exchanges. A contract is like this is a big win for what is essentially a meme currency. This will officially turn dogecoin into a legitimate currency.

5th February Today Prediction that this is a good time to invest in Dogecoin.

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Dogecoin Today 5th February Prediction (DOGE) Pumps 50% Higher after Elon Musk Twitter
(DOGE) Pumps 50% Higher after Elon Musk Twitter

Dogecoin Today Prediction: Elon Musk Effect

Another reason for the rise in Dogecoin Today Prediction is the Elon Musk effect. The mogul took to Twitter to announce his support for the meme currency. An endorsement from the richest man in the world will do wonders for any commodity. Dogecoin witnessed this firsthand when he tweeted them in support. Now the currency is rising due to this.

On 4th Feb he made multiple tweets implying that dogecoin was the next big thing. He did his own version of dogecoin’s upping forecasting with memes and calls to action. Dogecoin currently rose by 50% on 4th Feb. More is to come on 5th Feb due to rallies and this support for sure.

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