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Horimiya Episode 5: Release Date, Preview & Watch Online

Horimiya Episode 5: Release Date, Preview & Watch Online

‘I Can’t Say It Out Loud,’ Which is the title of Horimiya episode 5 is said to release on February 7, 2021, at 9:00 PM in Japan

Where to watch Horimiya episode 5

Horimaya is Ongoing series. The distributions are quite limited and thus can be watched only on a few streaming services like:

  1. Hulu Tv
  2. Crunchyroll

Horimiya episode 5 preview

At the beginning of the preview, we see Hori pondering over the fact that she might have a cold.
Her name is suddenly called by a stranger. Before we see who it is, the narration shifts to Miyamura wanting to borrow a good CD from his friend.

We see Miyamura noticing the stranger and recognizes him as Shindo, a friend from school, and immediately slaps him for hitting on Hori.
Though the preview didn’t reveal much, it is quite obvious that Hori is becoming the centre of attention

She becomes the main protagonist of the show through the stories of the two best friends.
Scroll down to read when and where to watch Horimiya episode 5.

Horimiya Episode 5: Release Date, Preview & Watch Online

Horimiya – The adventure till now

‌With a story following 2 best friends Izumi Miyamura and Kyouko Hori, the anime Horimiya has taken the world by storm.
‌These 2 best friends Izumi Miyamura and Kyouko Hori are opposites but end up becoming friends due to crossing paths at the right time.
‌They slowly bring down each other’s walls and a plot of friendship, secrets, and mystery is what the viewers get.
So it’s no surprise that fans all over the world are anticipating the Horimiya Episode 5 release date.
As seen from the last episode, Hori’s match is made to be Ishikawa in Ayasaka’s head but according to Yuki, Ishikawa had no hopes to steal Hori’s heart.
We saw that an open-ended question was left unanswered by Ishikawa when Sakura asks Ishikawa if he loves Yuki. Will that prove to be true? Will we see a change in Ishikava’s intentions?

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