Dogecoin Price Looks Set To Reach New High in Few Days?

If you are involved even a little bit in Crypto Trading, then you must have come across Dogecoin. The hype this coin is getting is unmeasurable. Originated as a meme this coin is doing wonders.

The increase in the price of Dogecoin seems to be due to the exclusive marketing it is getting. At the point, this article is written it is trading in the market at Rs 4.52 per coin, or 0.062 United States Dollar for American traders.

Why Do We Believe Dogecoin Will Reach A New High?

  • Very few people know this, but there are speculations and Some Photos on the internet that suggest, big players are joining the Dogecoin Hype.
  • They are buying the Dogecoin in billions. There have been more than 3 transactions of Billions. It seems like a billionaire is betting big on this.
  • The stability of this coin is stabilizing.
  • The holding power of the Dogecoin owners is immensely good. They are not selling it like Gamestop and AMC shares.

According to us, it might be Elon Musk, the way he is trying to pump the prices again and again by fully supporting the dogecoin. Here are some of his tweets that he has tweeted on Twitter.



We are not financial Adviser, but this seems like a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. With Big players also joining in, in one month’s time this could be something big. To be honest Dogecoin at 1$ looked a bit difficult earlier but now the support it is getting from big players, The 1$ value of Dogecoin is not far.

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