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Among Us Hack Apk [Always imposter, Unlock Premium Pets, Skin, And Hats] Download


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In this article, we will tell you about the various Among us hack apk and Among Us hack that will help you win the game.

Among us has become a sensation among Millenials shortly after its launch. The game is very different from all these violent games available online as multiplayer. Well, saying the game is not violent could be overcompensating it. There is a lot of killings in the game but unlike other games, you don’t have to use heavy guns, knives and other things. But, it’s not as simple as it sounds. Winning in the game is not that easy, but, to make it easy for you we have got an Among Us mod guide.

How to Download Among Us Hack APK

To use these hacks the first thing you need to do is Delete the original game from your smartphone. After uninstalling the original game visit the link provided here and download the game on your device. After downloading it install it on your phone and enjoy the game.

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Why do you need Among Us hack APK?

Well as we told you guys earlier in this game there is an imposter among many crewmates. The task of the imposter is to kill the crewmates and the task of crewmates is to find out the imposter and through him out of the ship. In the game, you can not choose to be the imposter that is decided by the algorithm. This is why you need the Among Us Hack APK. By using this hack you can decide to be the imposter and can win the game easily.

There are many other hacks for normal crewmates as well. Let’s find out ways of getting access to theses hacks, shall we?

Among Us Hack MOD MENU APK:

You must want to know ways to use Among Us Hack. Well, one of the easiest ways is to download this app called Among Us Hack Apk. The interface of this app is the same as the interface of the official game.

In this, Among Us Hack, you will get the same graphics and same settings as you get in the game. Now you must be asking if the Among Us Hack is the same as the official game then why we should install it. Well, the plus point is in this game you will get the options to choose to be an imposter whenever you want. The other advantage of using Among Us Hack apk is that you will get to see the moving body of people aka ‘Ghosts’ that you killed.

Apart from that, you can see people outside the wall by using its wallhack menu. Another plus point of using Among Us mod is that you can kill whoever you want without any restrictions.

Let’s break down each mode of Among Us hack apk for your convenient.

Among Us Hack Apk [Always imposter, Unlock Premium Pets, Skin, And Hats] Download
Among Us Hack Apk Always imposter

Among Us Hack Features:

  • 1 Always Imposter

This is one of the best features of Among Us mod menu. As you all know in the original game you can not choose to be the imposter. It is decided by the algorithm of the app. But, using Among Us Hack apk lets you decide if you want to be an imposter. cool isn’t it?

Whether you choose The Skeld, Mira HQ, or Polus. all three maps give you the option to make you an imposter.

  • 2 Visible Ghost

Among Us Hack Apk version allows you to see the spirit of the dead member. from that, you can get to know which player is deceased and where they come from. Moreover, dead players can help their crewmates it completing their task or if they are mischievous enough they can ruin it as well. Basically, it works on both sides. Gamers can use the updated version Among Us Mod menu in their favour to catch the mate who is bluffing.

  • 3 Speed/Fly Hack

    You want to run like a bolt, the game gives you that. Among Us Hack Apk provides you with faster speed to either catch your victim or run from the murderer. One of the features of the game is it provides the same features to both imposter and members, so all is dependent on individual how they utilized their skills.
  • 4 Eyes in the Dark 

In the original version, no one can see anything after the lights go out. It’s all blank for everyone. Using Among Us Hack Apk gives you the option to see people even in the dark. In this mode, you can see other crewmates and kill them whenever you want, and they won’t be able to see you.

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  • 5 Instant Kill No time Restriction

There are two other features on Among Us Hack apk that is best if you are playing as an imposter. In Among Us mod you can choose to kill everyone in an instant if you want to win the game without doing any actual work.

The other thing that Among Us Hack apk offers is that you can kill your crewmates without any time restriction. So kill whoever you want whenever you want pretty cool right?

  • 6 Unlock features to get premium Pets, Skin, And Hats 

There is a lot of free options when it comes to choosing the skin of your body, hat and your pet. But, some of the premium hats and pets are not accessible by everyone. Say bye-bye to this limitation. Using Among Us hack apk you can choose your favourite pet and favourite skin without any limitation.

  • 7 In-game Chat Using 

Originally if you want to chat with any of your crewmates you have to call a meeting. And that takes a lot of time. Not anymore Among Us MOD has another cool feature. Among Us Hack apk offers us the freedom of chatting with our crewmates without calling an emergency meeting.

  • 8 Vote Hacker Feature 

Aah, this is my personal favourite feature in the Among Us Hack apk. We can not change people’s mind about voting someone out. They will vote whoever they want to vote. But you can change the result of the voting process.

Using this feature offered by Among Us Hack Apk you can change the no of votes given by your crewmates and save yourself from ejection.

  • 9 Hacking the walls

A crewmate can not see things happening outside the wall. Well, at least not in the original game. But, if you are using Among Us Hack you can not only watch what a person is doing outside the wall but you can monitor what their task is. This helps you find the imposter if you are not one.

  • 10 Dimming the Lights

This is another feature of Among Us hack Apk. Using this mod you can control the amount of light available in the game. You can dim the lighting and make everyone blind for some time. This gives you an option as an imposter to kill your crewmates without anyone noticing anything.

  • 11 Finding out crewmates and Imposter 

This is probably the most important feature Among Us Hack offers us. Using this Among Us you can find out who is an imposter and who are the crewmates doing their task.

This hack helps you even if you are not an imposter. You can save yourself from an imposter using this hack.

  • 12 Change names of your crewmates

Well, this is not the most useful feature of the game but it is fun. In Among Us hack you can change the name of your crewmates and make each other confused for a while.

But do this on your own. Because this can make you suspicious and Among Us algorithm could kick you out.

So Next time when you play Among Us does use these hacks offered by Among Us Hack Apk. And tell us in the comment section how much you enjoyed these mods.

Also, tell us your favourite hack and what are some hacks that you want to see in the next update of Among Us mod

Among Us Hack APK

APK name Among Us hack APK
APK version 2020.11.17
APK size 80 MB
Last updated on  2021
Price Free
Android Support Yes
Ads No


Click here to Download

Among us Hack APK |All Features| GamePlay

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