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Free Fire Diamond Hack 2021 [ Diamond Generator Hack 999999999 100% Work] Download


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If you have a keen interest in video games or you use any social media platform then we are sure most of you know about Garen Free Fire. And in the game of the most important thing free fire diamond. It is very hard to get and, necessary to purchase many Characters, Costumes, elite pass, and weapons in the game. So, we are here today to tell you about the 100% working free fire diamond hack of 2021. By using this hack you can get up to 999999 Diamonds that too for free. So, without future delay let’s find out ways of free fire diamond hack.

What is Free Fire Diamond 

PUBG was no doubt on the top and on the second there was Garen Free Fire. After the Ban of PUBG by the government, Free Fire became the most popular game. And it can be found on almost everyone’s phone.

The game is made behind the idea of 100 players dropping down on some island from a fighter jet and fighting with other squad members to emerge as the last man standing is the premise of the game. In the game, you have to fight with many squads to be the last standing man. And after reading the free fire diamond hack provided by us you’ll be that one player that no one wants to fight with. Using this hack can get you the power that you need to be a pro gamer. More details on the Free fire diamond are given below.

Details of Free Fire Diamond 

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Diamonds in the Free Fire game is one of many things available to buy online. Garena Free Fire never gives you these diamonds for free and without these Diamonds, you have to struggle a lot to win the game. Yes, they will give you many types of offers and discounts to buy it. But, never give you for free. There is much free fire diamond hack that can be used to get these diamonds without paying a single penny. We are going to tell you some legit hacks which can be used as Free fire diamond hack to get diamonds in huge amounts.

Free Fire Diamond Hack 2021

Free Fire Diamond Hack 2021 [ Diamond Generator Hack 999999999 100% Work] Download

There are many free fire diamond hacks to get free diamonds some are easy and some are slightly hard to use. Here we are going to start from the easiest methods and we will also tell you some hard but legit ways that can be used to earn these Free Fire diamonds.

Using several websites to get Free Diamonds For Android as well as IOS 

One of the easiest free fire diamond hacks is to use several websites that give you a diamond generator. In this trick, you have to follow these steps as given.

1- Visit one of these websites mentioned below-

2- After that click on the  “Generate Unlimited Diamonds and Coins” to access the Generator.

3- Enter your Gerena Free Fire username and login.

4- After that choose the platform IE- Android or IOS.

5- Now click on the generate button to get the diamond

6- After that Verify the captcha code given in the picture to prove that you are not a robot.

7- Now check your Free fire account to check if you got the diamonds or not.

You might have to visit more than one mentioned websites to get the diamonds. You can also check it by using a fake free fire account as well. We should tell you that these free fire diamond hack related to free fire hack are illegal and have no guarantee that they will work.

Using Coupon Codes to get free Diamonds 

In all these steps of free fire diamond hack, new coupon One of the easiest and legit methods to get these diamonds is to find out some coupon codes provided by official developers of free fire and then use them to buy diamonds. New coupon codes are always offered by the developers on various events and occasions. To use this method you need to have the latest released coupon codes. This method can be used by Android users as well as IOS users. follow these steps to redeem the latest coupon codes.

1- Visit the official website of Gerena Free Fire using this linK

2- Login using your official Free Fire id and touch the dashboard.

3- On the dashboard, you will get the option to redeem these codes

4- Enter your coupon code and hit the redeem button.

congratulation you got the free diamonds, now check your free fire account to see the number of diamonds you got.

Free Fire Hack APK | Diamond Hack, Unlimited Gold, All skin Unlocked | Download!

Using the Online Survey 

Apart from using these free fire diamond hack, this is one of the best legit methods in free fire diamond hack. There are several websites that give you google play credits if you take part in their survey. You can use these credits to buy Diamonds from Gerena Free Fire. Some of the survey websites that give you Google play gift cards for answering simple questions are given below.

  • Google Task Mate
  • Google Opinion Rewards
  • Crownit
  • Penal Station

Using Booyah App to get Free Fire Diamond Free Fire Hack

Recently Gerena Free Fire released an app called “Booyah App” the app is made for online streamers who live broadcast their gameplay. For Free Fire lovers this is one of the best alternatives to Twitch and YouTube. Free fire diamond hack can be used via this app to get a free diamond. In the app, they offer many tickets and codes that can be used to get free diamonds.

To use this hack you have to use this app and stream several gameplays. You can also participate in many gameplays and collect some tickets offered by the app. While watching gameplay you will get many tickets in the chat section. Collect these tickets and buy diamonds using these tickets. For spending every 500 tickets, 10 free fire diamonds will be credited to your account.

By Participating in Several Events

Unlike several free fire diamond hack, this is one of the easiest legit methods that can be used to get the Free Fire diamond for free. Creators of free fire are always launching several events that can be used as a way to get free diamonds.

To get diamonds just participate in these events and complete the given tasks. By doing that not only you can get free diamonds but also other stuff for free as Weapons, Characters, Costumes, Gun Skins, and other things.

I hope our tricks on free fire diamond hack will help you get more diamonds for free.

Free Fire Hack Gameplay:

FAQs about Free Fire Diamond Hack 

1- Can I use Free Fire Diamond hack in IOS?

Ans- Yes some of these hacks can be used in IOS as well as Androids. Apps can also be installed on both platforms.

2- Is using a Free fire diamond hack safe?

Ans- Yes using these tricks is absolutely safe however some websites should be used using VPN because these are illegal. For safety purposes first, try it using some fake username as well.

3- Is a Booyah app is free to use?

Ans- Yes the app is absolutely free to use.

4- Can I use these Free fire diamond hack on the android version less than 10 

Ans- Yes these hacks can be used on almost all android and IOS versions that support Free Fire games.

5- Can my free fire account could get ban after using these Free fire diamond hack

Ans- No using the given hacks does not lead to your free fire account ban. Your progress on the game is absolutely safe. But as I told you earlier you should use a VPN while using the given websites.

Stay tuned with The Global Coverage for more updates.

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