Jojo Part 6 Stone Ocean Anime: Release Date & Everything You Need To Know

The famous classic animated series JoJo Bizarre Adventure is all set to present its jojo part6 soon. Its date has recently been released and now fans are excited to know about it. If you are a fan get ready! Book your tickets, because jojo part 6 is all ready to be premiered in April.

As many of you might have heard about the premiere of the Japanese anime. Let me remind you again, Jojo anime is returning with the next part. Read the article below to know all the updated information about this anime.

About Jojo anime

Jojo is a famous Japanese Manga adapted as an anime. It has a total of 10 parts. Though it is one of the oldest anime, fans are increasing day by day because the story plot makes it more interesting. The story is based on Supernatural forces and beings. It will also show how people are competent enough to transmute their inner spiritual power. Watch all the parts of Jojo’s bizarre adventure to know what will happen in it.

Spoiler and release date for Jojo part 6

Jojo part 6 is called Stone Ocean. The story will set in Florida where Jotaro Kujo’s daughter Jolyne Cujoh is forced to stayinto Green Dolphin Street Prison. As she is framed for murder. Because of the false statement, she and her gang will search who is in charge of this plot. Part 6 will also show how they are planning to solve the matter.

As everyone knows, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure has a total of 8 parts but now it will premiere its 6th part. The premiere date for Jojo part 6 is on the 4th of April that means it will premiere next month. Get ready for the release. This is all they have updated for this anime.

Characters of Jojo Part 6

  • Jolyne Cujoh will be the main character of Jojo part 6. Also, she is the daughter of Jotaro Kujo.
  • Hermes is also the main character and also Jolyne Cujoh inmate in jail. She is in jail intentionally to get revenge on her sister’s murderer.
  • Emporio Alnino is also an inmate of Jolyne.
  • Weather Report is the one who helps Jolyne in gathering all the information.
  • Narciso Anasui is the one who has a crush on Jolyne and wants to marry him.
  • Jotaro Kujo is the father of Jolyne. He will return in this part as a middle-aged man.
  • Father Enrico Pucci is the Priest and also the warden of Jolyne in jail.

Where to watch Or Read Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

You can watch the series on Netflix or Crunchyroll. Although it will be a bit different in reading and watching, if you want to read this anime, you can read it on Viz media. As all the parts are completed.

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