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Tata Motors CEO: Marc Llistosella is Appoints as New CEO and MD of TATA Motors

Tata Motors CEO: Marc Llistosella is Appoints as New CEO and MD of TATA Motors

The Indian Automotive giant Tata Motors is an extensive and very large scale automotive industry whose headquarters are situated in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Formerly known as Tata Engineering and Locomotive Company (TELCO) is a very major part of the prestigious conglomerate, Tata Group. Tata Motors has several auto-manufacturing and assembly plants spread all over India, as well as in several other industrial hotspots all around the globe. Principal subsidiaries of Tata Motors purchased the English premium car maker ‘Jaguar Land Rover‘ and has embarked on a joint journey with many such automotive-based industries.

As its former name suggests the industry was basically formed to manufacture locomotives, in the year 1945. Their first commercial vehicle launched in the year 1954, was the result of a 15-year partnership between TELCO and Daimler Benz AG. In the year 2019, the automotive giant was ranked at 256th position on the Fortune Global 500 list of the world’s largest corporations. On February 12, the conglomerate announced that they have appointed Marc Llistosella as the Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of the firm.

Tata Motors CEO: Marc Llistosella is Appoints as New CEO and MD of TATA Motors

Tata Motors CEO

Who Is Marc Llistosella? A Brief History

The former Managing Director of Daimler India Commercial Vehicle and head of Daimler Truck Asia had vacated his position on his own decision on March 31, 2018. Marc started his journey in the fast-evolving world of the automotive industry in the year 1944 by joining Daimler AG. He has held various titles to his name during his time at Daimler.

Llistosella has been respected and given credit for the massive boom of Daimler in the Indian automotive markets. Marc designed the entry strategy in India as Head of Truck Strategy in 2005. He moved to the newly founded Daimler Indian Commercial Vehicles in India, starting his journey as the project manager and reaching the stature of CEO.

He also provided crucial and massive support in merging the two companies, Mitsubishi Fuso and Daimler AG which is now known as Daimler Trucks Asia. Though leaving the world’s largest truck manufacturing industry Daimler AG, Llistosella hasn’t given up his love for the automotive industry.

The Big Announcement

Tata Motors CEO: Marc Llistosella is Appoints as New CEO and MD of TATA Motors

Tata Motors CEO

Marc Llistosella will be joining the Indian Automotive titan as the CEO and MD from July 21, 2021. The company divulged this information in its BSE filing. The experienced automotive executive will be filling in the shoes of the present CEO Guenter Butschek. Butschek has expressed his wish to relocate to Germany at the end of the existing contract for personal reasons.

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