One Piece Episode 964 Release Date, Spoiler & More

Hardcore anime fans can’t stay still after hearing that the One Piece Episode 964 release is just around the corner. Keep reading to know more about this brand new episode.

One Piece Episode 964 Release Date, Where To Watch Online

One Piece 964 will be released on 28th February 2021. The expected time of Release is 9:30 am Japan Standard Time. Fans can view the new episode on Crunchyroll, Funimation as well as AnimeLab along with subtitles. The One Piece 964 episode titled “The Great Adventure” promises to be an engrossing watch.

One Piece Episode 964 Plot and Spoilers

The journey of pirates continues along with some flashback sequences. One piece 964 looks into the life of Oden and his adventures. Kozuki Oden’s willingness to help people will be emphasized in this episode. Younger Orochi, Denjiro’s gimmicks will provide light-hearted fun for the viewers. Some more younglings from the Nine Red Scabbards are likely to get introduced in One Piece 964

One Piece  Episode 964 Release Date, Spoiler & More

Oden after lots of deliberations would eventually decide to join Whitebeard Pirates. How Oden helped his fellow friend Gol D Roger in his quest to find One Piece will be highlighted in the season. Scaring the mighty Kaido, Oden’s mysterious identity would gradually unwrap in the coming episodes. Viewers will realize that Oden is a man with several capabilities. Kozuki can be smart dumb as well as possess an extreme level of cunningness.

Pirates’ quest to find one piece would still be the major focus of the series but Kozuki Oden as a character will gain more significance as the new episodes starts releasing. Kozuki Oden’s back story unravels as the fans would get to witness several layers of his character slowly unfolding in front of them. Oden’s decision to leave the Country of Wano and how this will affect and disappoint some people will be shown in the next few episodes.

As far as One Piece 964 is concerned it is gonna be a bumpy but fun ride with an equal focus on emotional elements and action. This episode as the title itself suggests will be adventurous and will definitely leave you wanting for more.

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