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Facebook Blocks News Access In Australia Against New Australian Media Law

Facebook will restrict editors and clients in Australia. They will prevent them from looking at or sharing any news-related data on Facebook. There is a proposal by the government that will pressure the tech companies to pay for newspaper content. The measures which is also proceeding through the legislature would prompt other countries to go along with them. Making it a global change of connection between tech companies and traditional media.

New Australian Media Law Not Fair Says Facebook

On Thursday, Australians couldn’t access any news-related information whether national or international on Facebook pages. They even blocked health and emergency pages which later admitted that it was a mistake.

Even the people living abroad cannot access news of Australia on Facebook pages. Josh Frydenberg stated banning Facebook causes a huge problem to Australians. Because around 17 million people visit Facebook each month. He further included that the government banning it was wrong and would like them to use again.
Facebook stated that it is not fair for them. Because the profit mostly goes to Facebook and digital don’t get any. Not only the Australians but the whole country, everything is made available on Facebook. But for any news agency, advertising and so on, they get less attention due to the availability of information in the Facebook. But their even affected the authorized government pages. Every related important pages faced problems.

What did the Australians feel about it?

Facebook made many people living in Australia affected by it. But still, they can’t do anything about it. Australians said the news on Facebook was faster than any other platform. They can know what is happening around the world and the government took a wrong step in banning it.

Some people said that there is much fake news circulating on fake news. It even ruined people’s lives. In Facebook, everything can be shared it. You can even create a small matter into big problems. Because even a rumor can become real.

For example, if people spread any fake government information, it affects the reputation of them. Sometimes if important news is to be released tomorrow, Facebook reaches first in knowing it. That’s why it’s required to ban in Australia.

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