Raptors vs Bucks Win Predictions, Odds, Picks and More

Raptors vs Bucks

This time Toronto Raptors are visiting Milwaukee Bucks in their home town to challenge them. Last time when they competed on the 27th of January. Toronto Raptors loss with 115-108 points. In this article, we are going to discuss the upcoming game between Raptors vs Bucks and we will try to tell you who has a good chance to win this game.

So read the article from start to end to find out who has a good chance to win this upcoming game.

Raptors vs Bucks Preview 

Raptors vs Bucks Win Predictions, Odds, Picks and More

Raptors with 13-15 won their last match with the bucks and after that, they are losing constantly. They lost to Boston Celtics and Minnesota Timberwolves back to back. So, I think for this game they are confident about defeating them once again. Raptors are going to try to make up for the last three games and they have to choose

some aggressive moves. They will try their best to win Raptors vs Bucks game on Thursday.

As for Bucks When they started the game they were on a winning streak. They won five games back to back and were pretty confident about their luck. But, it all came to an end when they lost their first game. They were defeated by the Raptors. Now in the next Raptors vs Bucks game, their morale will be low and pressure will be high

Raptors vs Bucks Win predictions

If we see their team members then we will get to know who has a chance to win the upcoming game. Currently, Raptors are at +180 odds and Bucks are at -225. In Raptors vs Bucks, injuries are playing a bit part as well. Raptors key players OG Anunoby and Yuta Watanabe have suffered injuries and it will be hard for them to give their best. Whereas for Bucks Jrue Holiday also has suffered some injuries. His absence from the team could be one of the biggest reason for their loss. So, it is safe to say that we should go with this ods and see what will happen.

Where to Watch OnlineRaptors vs Bucks Win Predictions, Odds, Picks and More

The Raptors vs Bucks is set to premiere on Thursday 18th of Feb 2021. It will start at 8.30 and Americans can watch it on ESPN+ if they have a subscription. However, if you live in India you have to wait for a few hours due to different time zone. In India, you can watch the game on the 19th of Feb at 6.30 am. It can also be watched live on the NBA.

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