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WandaVision Episode 7 Review, Spoiler, Ending Explain

wandavision episode 7 review, spoiler, ending explain

Wandavision is a sequel presented by Jac Schaeffer showcasing iconic marvel characters. A recent episode that was WandaVision episode 7 left fans with unexpected turns and questions. What did happen?

WandaVision Episode

The marvel series, WandaVision brought out many emotions in Avengers fans. The series re-introduces the famous characters that were previously present in Marvel movies. But the WandaVision episode 7 brought an unpredictable turn and leave the fans a lot of suspense and anticipation to know more.

 Spoiler Alert! 

In WandaVision episode 7, we watched Wanda unable to figure out what is happening as she lost control of herself. At the same time, Monica tries to crash Hex borderlines. She tries all the tactics to cross over however she failed to do so. Later she figures out that her DNA is the key to cross over. So, she turned into a spectrum to pass from the borders.

WandaVision episode 7 review, spoiler, ending explain

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Afterwards, she looked for Wanda. She made her mind to be strong enough if it comes to a fight as well. But somehow Agnes already kidnapped Wanda and advice Monica to go away. Later, Wanda found out that her children are not there at Agnes’s place. It freaked her out. At last in WandaVision episode 7 we watched, that Agnes exposed their true self in front of Agatha.

WandaVision Episode 7: Ending Explained

What if I tell you it was Agatha all along, she was the one behind all the chaos in the Westview. Agatha is a powerful witch and carries the power to hypnotize people’s minds and make them believe what she wants. Who would have suspected that the neighbour is Agatha? We should have guessed it a long time ago when she changed Visions’ suspicious mind. But somehow her intentions are not clear yet.

WandaVision episode 7 review, spoiler, ending explain

Though we found our villain in WandaVision Episode 7. It would be really interesting to see who will stop her or reveal her true nature to the world. we don’t know what more is coming our way but we surely have high hopes. As it is giving us a lot of goosebumps.

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