Will Facebook And Google Pay For News In Australia? Tech Giants Vs Aus Govt

Will Facebook and Google Pay?

The government of Australia is making it impossible for Facebook and Google to post any news. They will take down any sites because they are not gaining one way or another. Australia will be the first country to ever banned like this. They are still considering whether to ban permanently or not. Recent information release the officials will take a major step to pass this law to other countries. CEOs of Google and Facebook and Treasurer Josh Frydenburg discussed it. But the statement is confidential.

Even Google and Facebook are not saying anything about it. Google has shown a campaign threatening the officials saying they will ban the search engine if they released the new rules. Even Facebook is pressuring them stating that they will ban users for forcing them to pay for salary about news content. They are feeling pressured because it can even ban outsiders from searching Australian information.

Since the last month, Google is giving salary for the news. In the deal, Google has to pay a monthly salary for the amount of news the editors delivered on their sites. For a salary in news, there is no exact amount. They have to pay according to how much information they have gathered.

There is no information about Facebook paying salaries for the editors. But Google has already started doing it. Google has signed deals with many various agencies. Whether it is popular or not, you can find it anywhere on Google. Even though Google is not acceptable to the new laws, the Australian officials are discussing how to deal with them whether they will be allowed to it or not. Let’s wait for what they have to say about it. Will provide more information here only.

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