NASA Rover Perseverance Lands Successfully On Mars| Indian Scientiest Also In Team

NASA Rover Perseverance Lands On Mars, Will Discover Red Planet’s More Secrets

The journey to the red planet was a successful trip. It was the six landings without mistake for America. NASA landed on Mars with their latest robotics rover so that they can check whether there are living beings on that planet. NASA is proud of its successful landing of Rover Perseverance. They celebrated by cheering together.

NASA is curious to know what is happening on the red planet. The cost of the latest NASA rover robotics is around $2.7 billion. Perseverance robotic explorer is the name. The technology is that advanced that it carries various kinds of devices to check thoroughly in the red planet. That robotic will count as the third robotic to ever visit Mars.

NASA Rover Perseverance Lands Successfully On Mars
NASA Rover Perseverance Lands Successfully On Mars

Recently, two satellites from the United Arab Emirates and China set foot in orbit. But NASA passed through orbit and went straight to the red planet. The speed of their journey is around 12,000 miles per hour. The regulator of the NASA rover got a call from them saying that they landed safely. Perseverance took only seven minutes to reach Mars.

NASA Rover Perseverance Lands Successfully On Mars
NASA Rover Perseverance

The people living on the Earth could only see the visuals while everything will be in the hands of NASA’s robotics rover. The distance between the Earth and Mars is around 16 million miles. Because of this, the communication wave is very fast. As it takes approximately around 11 minutes to receive the good news. That’s why, before we received any news, they reached the planet a few minutes ago. One thing we have to be sure about is landing. Because there are numerous cases of people not surviving when traveling to another planet. So, we have to make it to survive or land safely.

NASA Comments On Same

We have to safeguard that everything is in control. Because of the pandemic, NASA has to follow the protocols and instructions given. As we all know, if the protocols are ignored, they will have to take measures.

The people in the regulator room are nervous before because the speed of the NASA robotics rover is fast, it is gone through lean Martian air and even the parachute distribution is at full speed.

Indian Scientist Behind NASA Rovers Perseverance 

But the NASA rover reached safely at around 3:55 pm. The regulators were happy and among them is an Indian-American engineer Swati Mohan. She is among the engineers whose mission is successful.

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