How to Participate in Dogecoin Game Jam, Date, Rules, Criteria and How to Play

Buckle up guys, its a game time! Billy Markus Dogecoin crypto creator is providing an exciting opportunity through Dogecoin Game Jam to participants. Keep reading to know about the date, rules and criteria.

Dogecoin Game Jam is legitimate gameplay where you will be given a task and the one who fulfil the criteria gets to be the Dogecoin winner. So, who is up for it? The game consists of many rules and criteria which is compulsory for everyone to follow. However anyone can participate, it is open to all. So lets clear all of your queries. What is the game about to criteria to when will the dogecoin game jam held?

What Is A Game Jam?

The game jam is a game consist of many criteria and rules. In the play, one can either participate individually or as a group. But the rules must be followed. The game will be held on an online platform of the provided data. It is open to all, which mean anyone, anywhere with the availability of technology can participate. The game will be a judge on the bases of the given criteria which is mentioned in the latter part.

What Is The Dogecoin Game Jam?

The Dogecoin Game is organized by its creator. It’s going to be a week-long game. The most interesting feature is that anyone can participate. Whether you are a Dogecoin holder or not. According to Billy, a Game is about the celebration of the creativity of the people of the society. It wants to encourage that talent and brought it out.

When Will It Be Held?

Start making your games on Wednesday, February 24th, 2021!

Submissions will be open until Wednesday, March 3rd, 2021!

winners will be announced on Wednesday, March 10th, 2021

Link to game jam click here

What Are The Judging Criteria?

The submissions will be ranked by the public on the following criteria:

– Most WOW

– Most Absurd

– Most Fun

– Most Doge

I will likewise expose the victors on my Twitter and in Reddit posts on the dogecoin Reddit local area. Don’t hesitate to add your Dogecoin wallet address to your accommodation and the local area can send a tip in the event that they feel so slanted to do as such!

What Are The Dogecoin Game Jam Rules?

– Please keep the submissions family-friendly

– make sure your browser is fast

– Games should be yours and made for this game jam specifically

have fun!

Where Do I Sign Up To Participate?

Make an account on and sign up on Click here

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