One Piece Chapter 1005: Release Date and Read Manga Online

One-piece aka the immortal series is the longest-running anime and manga series ever crossing the staggering 1000 mark. One Piece is all set to release Chapter 1005 in the manga series. Keep reading to find out more about One Piece Chapter 1005.

One Piece Chapter 1005 Release Date

One Piece 1005 will be likely released on February 28, 2021. It is bound to get released at midnight JST time. It will be released around 9 AM on Sunday, February 28th Pacific time, and 11 AM Central time. Fans of this renowned critically acclaimed manga series are waiting impatiently for the release of One Piece Chapter 1005.

One Piece Chapter 1005:Release Date and Read Manga Online

One Piece Chapter 1005 Spoilers

Having achieved the astounding feat of crossing 1000 chapters One Piece Manga is on a roll. In anime forums around the world, fans are busy speculating as to what to expect in the upcoming One Piece Chapter 1005. The identity of the mysterious person will be revealed to the viewers and there exist high chances of the person being Hiyori or Kumorosaki. She would see continuing on her quest to heal and comfort everyone.

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As the tension slowly builds up fans can expect some action in Chapter 1005. Black Maria is bound to start a brutal fight with Brook as well as Nico Robin. Sanji is likely to escape from the chains of imprisonment. Sanji will be portrayed as a bold character trying to fight and defeat the King. These are rumored speculations and not verified yet.

Where To Read Online?

One Piece Chapter 1005 can be read online through sites like KissManga, Shonen Jump, etc. Readers can also purchase the One Piece Manga in Bundles from sites like Amazon, Flipkart, etc.

The manga One Piece has been running continuously without any breaks for nearly 20 plus years is a testament to the success of the series. A historic feat of crossing 1000 chapters isn’t something that only very few mangas can boast and brag about. Monkey D. Luffy along with his notorious trusted crew and their quest to find the treasure One Piece is a thrilling rollercoaster ride. From funny characters to evil villains to thrilling action and drama One Piece chapters are a delight to read.

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