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Show By Rock Star Episode 8 Release Date, Spoiler, Preview


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Based on a mobile video game Show By Rock is doing pretty good when it comes to its anime adoption. When the creators of the show released it back in 2015 they never thought that it would go one for 4 seasons.  Takahiro Ikezoe is again directing the anime while is working as a screenwriter for the show. One of the main things is that some action of the anime is made in 3d. We are here to tell you everything you need to know about Show By Rock Star Episode 8. So, without further ado let’s dive into it.

Show By Rock Star Episode 8 Release Date

As we know it is a weekly anime with new episodes every week. The 8th episode of the show is all set to release on 25 of February 2021. This Thursday we will get to see the actors in action. Also, the 8th episode is going to reveal a major plot twist and it will tell us who is going to make it into the finale. So, don’t miss this episode. Show By Rock Star Episode 8 will probably make you scratch your head.

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Episode 8 Spoilers

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In this upcoming episode Cyan the main lead is going to fight with some more evil groups by using her rock music band. The band is called  Plasmagica. Episode 8 of the show is named “Runners High!!”. So, if we compare it with its previous episode that was named “PASS STAGE”. We will probably get to see some more performances by the main leads of the show. However, the show is known for its climax and ending twist, so nothing could be said for sure. Mashumairesh the rock band is also heading the shows in the anime. They are the one who always get stcuk in some weird situation and then others have to solve it. So, watch Show By Rock Star Episode 8 to know more.

Where to Watch Online Show By Rock Star Episode 8

Show By Rock Star Episode 8

Right of the previous episodes is bought by Funimation and animelab. The first three seasons are dubbed in English as well. But, when we talk about the 8th episode it will only be available in the Japanese language. So, the viewers outside have to use subtitles to watch the show. You can watch the Show on Tokyo MX as well.

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