Beastars Chapter 197 Release Date, Spoilers & READ ONLINE!

Beastars manga which premiered its episodes from September 2016 to October 2020 will release its last chapter. The viewers are anticipating the last chapter. Because this is no average manga. It has a great story with an amazing plot so far. This article will tell you the Beastars Chapter 197 spoiler, the release date, characters, recap, and many more. So, read below to know all the info you have been waiting for.

Synopsis of the Beastars manga series

Beastars is a Japanese manga created and scripted by Paru Itagaki. It has a total of 22 volumes. The story focuses on where a world is inhabited by anthropomorphic animals such as herbivores and carnivores coexist with each other. It will tell about the adolescences of the Cherryton School. It is about the school life where it is filled with hope, romance, mistrust.

Beastars Chapter 197 What happened in Chapter 196 of Beastars?

In this chapter 196, we see that Haru asked Legoshi to accept her marriage proposal. He thought about that and felt he is always happy around her but they are a wolf and a rabbit. He told her though there might be misunderstandings in the future, he can’t wait to spend together with her forever. Haru felt happy and pounced on him to hug attracting people’s attention. Because of the ruckus, a police mistake Legoshi as a mad carnivore. But Haru interrupts the police saying they are dating.

Spoiler and Release Date of Beastars Chapter 197 

The creator has said that the Beastars will end at 197 chapters. Even said that the last chapter will release on 8th October 2020 i.e. last year. But still, now, there is no information from the creator whether it is releasing or not. They haven’t said anything about it so far. And there is no spoiler or anything regarding the last chapter. So, viewers let’s wait for it.

Characters For The Next Chapter Of Beastars

Beastars Chapter 197
Beastars Chapter 197 Characters
  • Legoshi is the male protagonist and is a male gray wolf. Even though he is feared by everyone for being a carnivore he is a mannered, obedient and awkward guy.
  • Haru is also the main character and is a female rabbit. She was the former Group Leader of the Cherryton gardening club.
  • Gohin is a main character who works as a doctor and therapist for carnivores.
  • Jack, a Labrador Retriever  is a main character in Beastars and Legoshi’s childhood friend.
  • Collot is a male dog character and is a student of Cherryton Academy.
  • Voss, a Fennec fox species is a minor character in Beastars.

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