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ANTI P T Chapter 48: Spoilers, Release Date, Characters, Recap

ANTI P.T Chapter 48: Spoilers, Release Date, Characters, Recap

Anti P T has become one of the reader’s favourite and now they are waiting for the release of the next ch i.e Anti P T Chapter 48. And now the fans of this Manga are excited to know the following:

  • When will Anti P T Chapter 48 be released?
  • What will be happening next in the following chapter?

So if you want an answer to the above questions, well then this article is for you.

Anti P T: A brief till now

Anti P T is basically about a charming boy -“Param” who can be a “Dream boy ” for any girl. He is employed in a really good position in one of the most successful firms. But keeping his successful life aside he also has some secrets hidden from the society and world. The first secret is that -Param is gay and he has not shared this with anyone. Secondly, he has a very sensitive body that gets turned on by any kind of slight touch or gesture.

ANTI P.T Chapter 48 :Spoilers, Release Date, Characters, Recap

Adding onto all these complications is that he has a Crush on his boss. So in this whole journey, he also has to hide or cope up with that feeling.

But how can a story go on without a problem or a villain who starts ruining things up? In this case, that part is played by the Personal Trainer at the company gym who caught Param redhanded and now can play with his fortune.

Anti P T Chapter 48: Spoilers

As of now, 47 chapters have been released and now there’s high anticipation of this Chapter 48. The story has moved yet like a rollercoaster ride for the readers and the next chapter is going to live up to that. In the next episode, we may also witness some action taken by Param against the gym trainer and he may try to find out a way to tackle him.

Release Date and Where to look for:

Lee Gpiee’s Anti P T has already become a great hit and now they are waiting for the release of Anti P T chapter 48. It is expected to be released by this weekend by Sunday and will be available on the official site by Lee Gpiee’s.

For further info stay connected to The Global Coverage. 

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