Blood Link Chapter 121 : Spoiler, Release Date Characters and Recap

This Supernatural Romantic Boy Love Drama Manhwa Webtoon Manga Series ‘Blood Link‘ is the fabrication of Brothers Without A Tomorrow which initially started in 2018. Read Article For full coverage on Blood Link Chapter 121

Blood Link Chapter 121 Storyline and Characters

Webtoon’s Boy Love manga series Blood Link created by authors and artists Brothers Without A Tomorrow has been loved by manga readers from all over the world. This series started back in 2018-19 and is still ongoing. The exceptional story starts when Hwa Gok a simple student of a university sees a girl getting attacked by well-liked Lee Bin and gets in the middle to save her until he finds out Lee Bin is no ordinary man.

Blood Link Chapter 121 : Spoiler Release Date Characters and Recap Raw Scans
Blood Link Chapter 121

The Characters in Blood Link are also unique and strange just like the storyline. Hwa Gok is a person with a pushover personality, and he hates places with large crowds or gatherings, after meeting Lee Bin who was a blood-thirsty vampire when they first meet Gok finds out he is a Lycanthrope which means he is a Wolf-Hybrid.

Apart from these two there are various other characters like Jinsoo who is a friend of Hwa and he takes him to the bar where Hwa finds out the real truth about Lee other than him there is Jinjoo a girl who has confessed her feelings towards Hwa but he simply declines and when she gets to know about Hwa and Lee hanging out together she tries to push them together and confirms her doubt when Gok accepts that he is dating Lee. The son of Gok and Bin Lee Hwa has feelings for Seol-Hyun.


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Blood Link Recap and Release DateBlood Link Chapter 121 : Spoiler Release Date Characters and Recap

In the previous Chapter 120 of Blood Link, we got to see how a guy is bothering Seol Hyun and he seems disturbed which makes Lee Hwa worrisome and aunty too, she lets them go home early where Hyun looks at and feels lucky to have children and the next day Lee Hwa also comes to the gym which makes Hyun happy and leaves the other guy startled. As of the release date, it has not been confirmed yet but fans of this manga believe it to be released soon in the first week of March.

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