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Blood Sacrifice Chapter 22, 21: Spoiler, Release Date, Read Manga

Blood Sacrifice Spoiler, Release Date, Characters, Recap

The manhwa world is teeming with some great titles under its belt such as Solo Levelling and Tower of God. A new addition to this and a very worthy contender to stand beside these titles can be the Eun Eun illustrated Blood Sacrifice Chapter 22. Rising in ranks among the yaoi category. Blood Sacrifice is making huge waves of buzz among all the otakus around the globe. The romantic dalliance between the protagonist and his blood-lusting cohort has been a sight to behold for the yaoi series’ fanatics.

The story of the blood-thirsty vampires has been an urban legend that is beloved as well as feared by all the literary folks. These legends have also been a central plot in many fantasy stories and films, though frightening in some storyboards but it has also provided a window to a completely different reality. Another window to this world has been opened by Eun Eun through his Blood Sacrifice manhwa.

What Has Happened: Blood Sacrifice Chapter 21 Recap

Blood Sacrifice Spoiler, Release Date, Characters, Recap

Blood Sacrifice Chapter 22

The unconventional love story between a human and a vampire began when Seoho found himself in very unprecedented and tense situation where he saw a blood thirsty vampire who was feeding on its prey. But when cornered by this extremely cold and blood lusted fiend instead of fleeing away Seoho decided to confront him and proposed a deal to Ozae the vampire. With as pale white as snow the beautiful and slender Ozae accepted this deal where Ozae will only feed on Seoho’ blood. But after being in such close proximity and sharing a bond of blood with each other Ozae found himself desiring more than just Seoho’ blood.

In recently released Blood Sacrifice Chapter 21 we witnessed Seoho hurrying home in fear that Ozae might have given into his blood lust and might have already preyed on some innocent soul. And while rushing home he accidentally bashes into Yeon Woo which in turn breaks the glass flask of perfume in Yeonwoo’ hands. While trying to clean this mess Yeon Woo accidentally cuts himself, the sight of blood awakens something in Seoho. According to Yeon Woo, Seoho’ past is catching up to him and traumatizing him. But we suspect, is it bloodlust?

When Is Blood Sacrifice Chapter 22 Coming Out?

Blood Sacrifice Spoiler, Release Date, Characters, Recap

Blood Sacrifice Chapter 22

Though currently there is no official release date for the English version of the 22nd chapter of the Yaoi manhwa series-Blood Sacrifice Chapter 22. We can definitely expect it to come out pretty soon. Currently, the original Korean version of the manhwa is at its 67th chapter is still continuing with its head held high.

Where Can I Read It Online

Once Released, You can Read It here

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